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1win Cases: Minimum investment - maximum profit

1win cases: a universal bonus for quick wins

This review is dedicated to the popular direction of games with instant wins in 1vin casino called “Cases”.

Let’s start with the fact that cases are a full-fledged gambling game, only with a guaranteed win. The official site presents various boxes or cases, by purchasing which or by placing a bet in the amount of the cost of the case, the player is guaranteed to receive a win determined by its internal content. 1 wine cases are divided into the following levels, which differ in price and value:

Case name Cost Minimum win amount Max win amount
“Beginner” UAH 5.00 UAH 1.00 UAH 50.00
“Lucky” UAH 10.00 UAH 2.50 UAH 100.00
“Top” UAH 25.00 UAH 5.00 UAH 250.00
“Lucky” UAH 50.00 UAH 25.00 UAH 250.00
Luxury UAH 250.00 UAH 50.00 UAH 2500.00
Oligarch UAH 500.00 UAH 250.00 UAH 5000.00
Millionaire UAH 2500.00 UAH 1250.00 UAH 5000.00
“Master of Life” UAH 5000.00 UAH 2500.00 UAH 25000.00

As a rule, the statistics of winnings indicate that the invested funds will pay off after the first wagering. But there are exceptions, of course. As in any reputable casino, 1 win guarantees that third parties do not intervene in the winning result.

What are the benefits for the user of 1win cases?

So, what are the advantages of the Cases gambling offered by the 1win bookmaker? Naturally, this is not a typical casino game, not a bright slot machine, but also not roulette online. But this type of entertainment has a number of advantages, for which players who have been playing for a long time and have gone through the entire 1win official site up and down, often making a winning bet.

These include:

  • Guaranteed minimum win;
  • Simple conditions and fair winning results;
  • No special skills required from the player;
  • Many case options, from the cheapest for beginners to the most expensive for advanced users.

In this topic, we will try to convey to potential players in the simplest possible way how to make money on 1win cases.
So, there is a separate tab for the cases section on the casino website, which is hidden at the very end of the site header in the “More” drop-down menu. This is done so that the interested player does not lose the game in a variety of offers.

If this is the first visit to 1vin online casino, then the purchase will be available only after registration. When you already have a gaming account in the casino, you can simply replenish the deposit in an amount equal to the cost of a particular case and make a purchase.

How to start playing at 1win online casino?

The internal interface of 1win Ukraine casino is intuitive for every user, so there should be no difficulties with registration and replenishment of the balance. Many payment systems are also available. Among which are traditional bank cards, electronic payment systems and wallets, it is possible to replenish in cryptop-texturrency. Many currencies are accepted for payment: dollars, euros, hryvnias, rubles and others.

Depending on the chosen payment system, there are restrictions on the minimum and maximum amount of deposit replenishment. For the popular card payment method, the minimum replenishment amount, for example, is UAH 500, while the maximum is UAH 100,000. In the same BitCoin, the minimum deposit amount is equivalent to UAH 5,000, the maximum is already UAH 210,000.
A complete list of payment methods and systems can be found directly on the 1win mirror website.

Let’s return directly to the section with cases. Each purchased case can bring the player a win, which, if luck smiles, will be several times higher than the invested funds. Very similar to the lottery. But in the exclusive offer from 1win, cases, which are often confirmed by player reviews, are much higher than in a regular lottery. For example, when buying the most expensive case worth 5000 UAH. the minimum winning amount will be UAH 2500, the next amount available for winning in the case is already UAH 6105.25, which fully pays off the investment and is already making a profit. Accordingly, according to the theory of probability, the chance of getting an average amount, which by the way in the same case starts from 12,000 UAH. very high.

Strategies 1vin cases: how to play profitably?

Let’s talk about this in more detail. So, in order to start the game, at least you need to register on the official website and replenish your gaming account.

Unfortunately, the player will not be able to spend the bonus for registering at the casino to buy a case. The purchase price is debited only from the main account. Recall that the 1-win bonus is very generous and reaches up to 500% of the amount of the initial deposit. To fulfill the conditions of the promotion, you must meet a few simple requirements:

  • Be a newbie and top up your deposit for the first time by a certain amount;
  • The maximum deposit amount cannot exceed UAH 7340

Let’s get back to the 1-vin cases. To purchase and immediately open a case, you need to click on it, the link opens a new page, on which all your 1win cases with money are already located. Choose the right case, press the “open” button and start winning. Scrolling through the options takes a few seconds.

You can also increase your chances of a high profit by 10, 20 and 30%. The cost of the increase also depends on the selected case, for example, in the maximum package, you can increase your chances of winning by paying UAH 500, 1250 and 2500, respectively. over the cost of the case. Using bonuses can significantly increase the chances of a better win and pay back the investment by 100%, and even get a good profit on top. You can also set up automatic and instant scrolling. The amounts in 1vin cases, as we see, are completely different, so with several betting, you can raise a normal win.

Winning in 1-win cases

Winning cases in 1win, of course, is a prize in monetary terms. In the worst case, you will lose only half of the invested amount, and so on for all the proposed cases. If you start playing with minimal investment and increase the stakes over time, but deliberately and conservatively, you can really count on normal earnings. As we mentioned earlier - the largest 1 win case with money can bring 25,000 UAH. with an investment of 5000 UAH.

About the game 1win cases, player reviews are often positive, the main rule concerns moderation in bets. If you do not fall into a state of passion and uncontrollably increase rates, but approach investments predictably, then there is a chance to win back and earn. Experienced players, in their opinion, manage to win on 1-vin cases almost every day. The most popular, judging by the reviews, case in 1win is “Lucky”, the cost of which is 50 UAH, and the maximum win is 250 UAH. As a standard, players open 2-3 cases per day, then the net increase is from 150 to 500 UAH, which is impressive with a deposit of 150 UAH. Also, 80% of the reviews call for the use of boost bonuses.

After reviewing a huge amount of up-to-date information and opinions of the players, we came to the conclusion that it is certainly worth trying your luck in this game with cases from 1-win. After all, the requirements are minimal, the winnings are guaranteed and all this is just one click away. We also advise you not to get into gambling in order to avoid the “casino effect”. Here, as in other games, the main thing is to stop in time. Therefore, as an option to try your luck for a beginner and an experienced player, cases 1win are a very good option. Go to the 1win casino website, participate, and win! You can also download the 1win mobile application.


Can I get a plus playing 1win cases?

According to statistics and player reviews, it is almost always possible to win back the money invested in the purchase of 1win cases. So, the average winnings when using a bonus package, as a rule, are 2 times more than the invested funds.

Is it possible to influence the winnings in 1win cases, which depends on the player?

The case game from 1vin is a kind of lottery in which no skills and abilities are required from the player. The only difference is that in the 1win casino offer, the minimum winnings are guaranteed.

What is the maximum win in the game cases from 1win, how to increase the player's chances of winning?

The maximum win can be 25,000 UAH. with invested 5000 UAH. The game 1win cases offers to take advantage of multipliers of 10, 20 and 30%. The cost of such bonuses, for example, in the maximum package will be 500, 1250 and 2500 UAH. over the cost of the case, respectively.

Is it possible to play 1-vin cases on a smartphone?

Of course. In the 1win mobile casino, absolutely all applications are available to the player, including the section 1-win cases. The application can be installed by downloading from the Google Play or AppStore stores for each operating system, or by directly downloading from the link from the 1win official website.

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