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As everyone knows, the official 1 win casino website has a lot of exciting online entertainment. Among them there are fast games for money, and various lotteries, and online poker, and much more. Now we will introduce you to another genre of games that is strikingly different from all of the above - "Live games". Let's talk about the features of the mode, analyze all the functionality, and at the same time list the most popular games in live casino 1win.

How to play live casino

First, let's take a look at what a live casino is and how to play it. Live games are an opportunity to feel yourself in a real gambling establishment without leaving your home. The mechanics of a live casino are quite simple: the user selects a game and connects to the broadcast of the gaming hall. A real croupier will be waiting for you in the game room, who will play for money. In addition, the croupier will explain the rules to you and, if something happens, will dilute the atmosphere with unobtrusive communication.

The main advantage of live casino for money is that the outcome of the game depends not only on luck, but also on your skill. While in ordinary fast-paced casino games, the result depends on the random outcome generator.

Live dealer games at 1win live casino

In 1win live casino there are almost all popular games, with the exception of those that are not adapted to this mode. For example, slot machines that in any case work on a random number generator, be it an online casino or a regular one. All other genres of gambling are also available in live casino.

Categories of games in 1win live casino:

  • Roulette
    This is the most popular game in any live casino including 1win. By and large, this mode was invented for the sake of this game, because everyone dreamed of playing roulette for money. Live casino 1win has all the most popular types of roulette: American, European and French.
  • Blackjack
    There are only a few card games that involve the player and the dealer, blackjack being the most famous of them. The essence of this live game is that the dealer deals cards in turn: first to the player, and then to himself. The task is to collect the number 21 or less from the cards. Whoever collected the number that is closest to 21 won.
  • Baccarat
    Another card game in which the player will have to fight with the dealer. The essence of the game is very similar to blackjack, although many agree that baccarat is the progenitor of blackjack. The difference between this live game is that players need to collect the number 9, however, in case of busting, 10 points are lost.
  • Other board games
    This category of games includes classic table games, which also migrated to live online casinos. This includes: dice games, thimbles for money, and other entertainment.
  • Keno Lotteries
    This genre of games is known even to a person who is far from passion, because it was possible to play them even before the legalization of the casino. Everyone knows the essence of the keno lottery, although in 1win live casino it has a slight difference. The fact is that lottery draws take place every few minutes, while before you had to wait a whole week.
  • Game Show
    Do you remember the TV quizzes in which participants could win different prizes? So, this category includes all such games. Everything remained unchanged except for one thing - real money as gifts.


What is live casino 1win?

Live casino 1win is for you if you are a fan of playing in a real casino. Live games will allow you to experience the full range of emotions and enjoy the process of online games at home. We at 1win Casino made sure that the player feels comfortable, so the playing conditions are no worse than in Las Vegas. In a live casino, the player connects to the game room, where a real croupier is already waiting for him, who accepts the bets of the players. The purpose of an online casino with a live dealer is to immerse the player in the atmosphere of a casino with the help of an interactive experience. If you wish, the croupier will bring you up to date if you are still quite a beginner.

What live dealer casino games are there?

There are more than 300 games in the live casino section (periodically the list is updated with new games). The list of the most popular is: roulette, blackjack, lotteries, TV quizzes. This is not the whole list of games, more details about all the games can be found on the website of the casino 1wine in the live-games section.

Is it possible to play live-casino for free?

In order to play live casino games, you need to be an authorized user and have money in your account. There is no demo version in this section. You can't play live casinos for free - only for real money.

What are the main benefits of live casino games?

Live games with a dealer are much more interesting than online casino slots. Here you can demonstrate your skills and abilities, because not always a positive result of the round depends only on success. A professional dealer will give you an exciting game and will be happy to answer all your questions. Live game in 1win casino is an opportunity to touch the elite entertainment, even without leaving home!