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Poker at 1win online casino is not just a card game! This is a real intellectual adventure available to everyone. Why intellectual? Because poker is not as easy as it seems! It is not enough just to learn the combinations of cards, you need to properly dispose of them, sometimes using the gift of foresight and fox cunning. After all, you are playing with real people, not a heartless computer, and they themselves can bluff or make mistakes.

Poker at 1win online casino, facts only

The most popular types of online poker are Texas Hold’em and Omaha. Their main difference is that in Hold’em, players receive two cards in their hands, while in Omaha as many as four.

The goal of the game is to “sit out” the other players at the table. But do not think, this does not mean that you should hide and wait! Try to force other players to fold and take their bets.

Grow your stack or, more simply, collect chips. The more chips you have, the more chances you have to sit to the bitter end and take the prize money. This is especially true in 1win poker tournaments, because in the midst of the game, stakes skyrocket! You don’t want to put your entire stack on one bet, do you?

On the 1win site, you can play poker both at high limits and at very tiny ones. The excitement is big, but the risks are small! In addition, let us tell you a secret, beginners play at low limits in online casinos, which means that you will have much more opportunities to win!

1win Poker for hryvnia — the best place to play in Ukraine!

But let’s move from theory to practice! It’s time to take a look at all the benefits of poker at 1win online casino. After all, only with us you can get the most diverse experience in gambling. Win real money on bookmaker bets, in slots or in a full-fledged poker room!

Yes, 1win casino is not limited to video poker or occasional tournaments. Especially for those who want to concentrate on the card game as much as possible, we have created a unique poker room! Go to the 1win Poker section and you will have all the possibilities without restrictions. Choose your option for the game from the following categories:

  • Modern Poker Hold’em and Omaha
  • Classic Seven Card Stud
  • Exotic Chinese Pai Go poker
  • And a few more categories: Draw, Pineapple and Short Deck.

Each client has access to a convenient and fast system for finding suitable tables. Just select the options you want and all options will be displayed on the screen in a matter of seconds! To give you a complete picture, let’s talk about all the features of 1win poker room:

  • Sort tables by number of players, or select rooms with a specific number of players allowed. Tables for 2, 6 or 10 people are available.
  • Remove full or empty tables from the list to manually search.
  • Choose tables by Fixed, Pot Limit or No Limit.
  • You can also choose the appropriate table by the currency used.

1win Poker is famous not only for its wide variety of gaming options. After all, our online casino cares about the quality of service. For example, you can customize the appearance of the table during the game or use the chat to communicate with your opponents. And if you are a real professional who is bored with playing at one table, run several at once! Our poker room has a Multi Table feature, thanks to which all active games will be displayed on one screen.

1win Poker bonuses and tournaments for hardcore players

Of course, it’s nice to win real money in a casino. But the real feeling of joy and benefit can give not only victory. After all, the gain can be small, and the path to it is thorny. We are ready to offer you the shortest path to pleasure so that you enjoy all the delights of 1win Poker!

In our gambling establishment, we have already prepared several gifts especially for you! Let’s quickly go through all the current casino offers, including unique tournaments:

  • Get +500% on your deposit and get a chance to multiply your balance!
  • Take part in all kinds of online casino activities to become part of an elite club! As part of the loyalty program, you will earn virtual 1win coins that can be exchanged for real money!
  • Play poker on the 1win site as often as possible to get up to 50% rakeback! The commission is returned every week.
  • Install the 1win mobile application and instantly get an additional 2000 UAH for the game!
  • Discover a free poker tournament every week! Already at the start, we will give out 5000 chips for the game so that you can compete for a prize pool of 1000 USD!
  • Special tournament “1win Special 2024$” is waiting for you! Win 2024 USD by purchasing the event for only 2 USD!

We remind you once again that you can find detailed rules for all tournaments on the casino website. If you need help, please contact our managers! Live chat works around the clock for all customers.

Interesting facts about poker

  • Previously, the ace was considered the weakest card and its value was only one. Today, the ace is the strongest card in the deck, but in some variations of poker it can also be used as the lowest card (at the player’s choice).
  • Did you know that poker is a sport? However, in sports poker, players compete for a place in the standings, and chips cannot be exchanged for real money. But we think that professional athletes still make good money playing poker!
  • It is absolutely legal for adults to play poker at 1 win casino. And not just play, but win real money! Online casinos in our country have become legal. And this is a great joy for all poker lovers!
  • Everyone’s favorite burgers were invented exclusively thanks to poker. How did it happen? One English duke was so fond of playing poker that he asked his servants to serve only food on the table for which he would not have to interrupt the game. And they put the meat between the rolls!
  • Playing poker in dirty clothes is a good omen for poker players! This superstition is akin to the belief of many people in a “happy shirt”, but poker players are sure that if they wash a happy thing, it will lose its magical properties. I wonder if this is true for online poker?

Online poker for real money at 1win online casino

Playing online poker at 1win Casino is incredibly exciting! More than a hundred poker games are waiting for you. There are even slot machines on our site, thanks to which you can hone your skills and thoroughly study the rules of the game and combinations.

For more advanced players, we recommend evaluating the live casino and playing poker with live dealers. It is insanely interesting, and the winnings here excite not childishly. And by the way, not only winnings! Have you seen our dealers? Gorgeous busty girls are already waiting for you to play an unforgettable poker game exclusively for you.

And if you dream of hitting a big jackpot - take part in our tournaments! We’ve prepared space prizes for the sharpest sharks in poker!

Sit down at the table!

Sign up and start playing 1win Poker!

We are sure that you will fall in love with 1win Poker at first sight! Indeed, in our online casino there are all varieties of the popular card game. Video poker, poker with real dealers, a full-fledged poker room — all this opens immediately after registration.

And to register, all you need is a minute of your time! Synchronize data from social networks or common services to instantly create a new account. Or just enter your email and create a password. Most importantly, do not forget to select the desired currency! And if you accidentally made a mistake and did not choose hryvnia, you can add a new wallet at any time!


How to play 1win poker online for money?

If you decide to play poker for money, then you need to choose an online casino. After that, find the "Online Poker" section on his website and select the game mode. There are two modes: cash games and tournaments with prizes. The rules of poker are the same in both modes, only the winnings are different: in the cash game you can only win the pot, and in the tournament you can also win the prize money.

Can I play poker with a computer on the 1win site?

Yes, you can. To do this, you need to select the "Casino games" section and find the poker category there. There are two types of poker with a computer: classic game and video poker. Poker video is different in that the party in it looks more like blackjack. The player needs to collect a certain combination by playing against the croupier, and not against another player.

What combinations are the strongest in 1vin poker?

The strongest combination in poker is a royal flush. It consists of five cards of the same suit of the highest value, which are collected in turn. Royal flush in poker looks like this: ten; jack; lady; king; ace. In this case, all cards must be of the same suit, for example, spades. This poker hand is followed by a straight flush.

Where to find 1win poker?

Due to the fact that online casinos are fully legalized, it is easy to find poker for money. There are many portals on the Internet where you can play poker with a computer or with real people. It can be: a poker room, a mobile game "Poker" or an online casino. Just the last one is the site 1vin.

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