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TVBet is a section on the 1win site where you can play live casino games. This is one of the most promising areas of gambling in 2022, so it is in great demand. Who doesn't know, live games are gambling games played by real croupiers. In essence, they can be compared to the classic gambling games that take place in real gambling establishments. Not only can you observe every action of the dealer, but also the result of the game depends on pure chance, not on some generator.

In this article we will talk about the gambling provider TV BET, its games, as well as explain the rules of the most popular of them. And if you already know all this, but we suggest you get down to business! Click on the "Login" button and go to the official 1win casino website. There are licensed games from TV Bet waiting for you!

TV BET is the most popular 1Vin casino provider!

As you can see, TVBet is a live gaming provider. The company has been playing games with real dealers since 2016. The main types of entertainment are lotteries and card games.

The peculiarity of the games from the TV BET provider is that the dealer does not play against the players, he only plays the game. Players, in turn, bet on a certain result of the game.

The mechanics of the game are quite simple and even somewhat reminiscent of most fast gambling games 1win casino. When opening the game, the user will see the broadcast of the game room at the top of the screen and the control panel at the bottom. The control panel buttons are used to place bets, after which the player watches the next game.

All games by TV Bet:

  • KENO
  • Footrace
  • LAKI 6
  • 5BET
  • 7BET
  • 1BET
  • MEGA6

Each of the 15 games has its own feature and uniqueness, but we offer to consider only the most popular of them.

Fruit Race - Slot Machine Lottery

Fruit Race is a unique lottery that is very different from most of our lotteries. The main components are nowhere to be found: the balls, as in most other lotteries, revolve in a special lottery machine. However, only ten balls are involved in Frutrace, and all of them will eventually fly into the lottery tube. The fact is that the result of the game does not depend on which balls fall, but on the sequence in which they fall into the tube.

To the left of the lottery machine is a fixed sequence of 10 balls in which they must stop. The amount of winnings depends on how many matches there will be. If there are 4 or more matches, you are guaranteed to win!

Another feature of the lottery is that the balls depict the fruits we all know from slot machines.

Hypernards - Board game for fans of classics

Hypernards is a classic board game involving two conditional players. Each of them has three chips that must pass a circle. The croupier rolls the dice and takes turns walking each of the players. Such a small number of chips eliminates the possibility of blocking the enemy, occupying all possible cells. It also affects the speed of the party, which lasts only a few minutes, not 15-20 as in classic backgammon.

Players can bet on:

  • victory of one of the participants (white or black);
  • Dice are dropped (number per dice or bet per double).

That is, at the beginning of the game, a player can bet on the victory of one of the players, and before each move to bet on the dice. You can also bet on the victory of one of the players already in the process of the game, based on the course of the game.

Poker - Online Poker Betting

Poker is a classic game involving six conditional players. The live game is the same as the traditional version. The croupier deals each player two cards and then opens a flop turn and river. Participants can place a bet before each croupier action.

Players can bet on:

  • victory of one of the six players;
  • winning combination;

The 1win poker games takes only a couple of minutes, after which it ends this immediately begins. So always go to the official 1win website and play the best live games from BET TV provider!


What are TVBET games?

TVBET games are live casino games with real dealers. The company runs 15 real money gambling games, focusing on lotteries and card games. The online 1 win casino has a separate section with games from this provider.

How to play TVBet games at 1win online casino?

All TV Bet games have the same principle: the player bets on the result of the game, then waits for its result. If it is a lottery, the game is as follows: the croupier starts the lottery machine or wheel, and then announces the result. it is a card or board game, it involves several conditional players, and the croupier only conducts their game

What is the maximum and minimum bet in TV Bet games?

The minimum bet in BET TV games at 1win casino is 5 hryvnias. The same bet in all other gambling activities, whether slot machines or sports betting. The maximum bet depends on the type of game, but often it is not exceeds 10,000 hryvnias.

Can I play TV Beth games on the 1Wino casino site for free?

No, all 1win live casino games, including TV Bet, are for real money. However, you can turn on the game and watch the game by watching it. You don't even have to register on 1win to open it. any site visitor can broadcast.