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What is fantasy sports? This is a unique opportunity to follow the progress of your favorite players and earn real money by collecting lineups of real athletes in real competitions! This is an online game in which fantasy points are awarded for the actions of an athlete on the field in various disciplines, from football to golf. The task of fantasy sports players — assemble a team at the specified cost limit from those athletes who are more likely to score a large number of fantasy points. 

1win bookmaker offers various Fantasy sport tournaments on the website and in the — To participate, you only need to register 1win and a deposit of 10 hryvnia. Detailed conditions, scoring rules, sports and FAQ for beginners are available on the website pages and in the mobile version of BC 1win.

Today we will tell you what fantasy football is, how to build your own team, how the Fantasy league system works and what sports disciplines make it possible to compete with other bookmaker clients.

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Fantasy sports for money — what is required?

First of all, register 1win on the website or in the mobile application. Unregistered users can view current tournaments and even learn the rules, however, only authorized customers who have bought — can participate in the prize draw. a certain amount of money for fantasy sport. To pay the buy-in, you need to make a deposit to the player’s personal account at the 1win bookmaker in UAH or any other currency. When everything is done, you can go to the Fantasy sport page, choose your favorite tournament and earn prizes!

What sports are represented in Fantasy sport 1win?

More than 20 real-time competitions are available on the 1win website and app:

  • the World Cup (and other major tournaments);
  • European cups: Champions League, Europa League and Conference League;
  • English football leagues: Premier League and Championship;
  • FA football cups: FA Cup and League Cup;
  • football tournaments: Ligue 1 (France), La Liga (Spain), Serie A (Italy);
  • American leagues: NHL (hockey), NFL (American football) and NBA (basketball);
  • Basketball Euroleague;
  • Formula 1 (auto racing);
  • golf.

The entire list of active tournaments is available in the top menu of the main section. Only started leagues and championships are shown.

Principles of fantasy sports online:

  • player selects a sport and a real-time tournament
  • a team is being formed, the composition of the team is formed from the points threshold (starting + reserve);
  • user selects captain and players for this week’s matches;
  • players in real life play in a match, receiving fantasy points for goals, assists and other statistical indicators;
  • after the week or tour played, the total number of points is calculated;
  • after the count, leaderboards are formed, users can make substitutions for the next matches/tours;
  • The winners of tests and tournaments receive cash prizes on the 1win website!

For more information about the rules, the scoring system and other features of fantasy, clients of the office can find out on a separate page 1win casino . It is available on the official website or in the application. Fantasy can also be played from — just download the 1win app on iOS or Android smartphones. All the functionality of the bookmaker and online casino is available from the mobile. Fantasy football is easy to download to your phone to keep abreast of changes in your team and make replacements in time.

Real Money Fantasy Sports Rules: Scoring System

Depending on the sports discipline, the 1win bookmaker awards fantasy points depending on the player’s performance in real life. How does it work?

  • 1win user chooses starting lineup+replacement on a limited budget;
  • the tour is underway in the championship, all matches have been played;
  • based on the results of specific athletes, fantasy points are calculated;
  • points for each player in the squad are automatically credited to the user, he has the right to make substitutions for the next round;
  • According to the results of the week, for or the entire championship in real life, the results are summed up and money is paid from the prize fund.

Fantasy Football Scoring Rules

The fantasy football team consists of 15 players, 4 of which are substitutes, including 1 goalkeeper. Fantasy points calculation table in football.

Event Points
Play time up to 60 minutes 1
Game duration over 60 minutes 1
Midfielder or striker plays the entire match 1
Goalkeeper goal 8
Defender goal 6
Midfield goal 5
Forward goal 4
Goalkeeper and defender conceded 2 or more goals -2
Yellow card -1
Red card -3
Goalkeeper saves a penalty 5
Own goal -2
Assist 3
Penalty missed -2

Fantasy Basketball Scoring Rules

In fantasy sports for money, basketball lovers often play. 1win offers them two options for the formation of the lineup: the classic of 7 basketball players by position: from point guard to center or unicursal-6, where the client can freely choose the starting lineup without being tied to the position. Table of fantasy-points in basketball.

Event Points
Each point scored 1
Three-point hit 0.5
Selection 1.25
Assist 1.5
Interception 2
Block shot 2
Loss -2
Double-double 1.5
Triple double 3

Fantasy Hockey Scoring Rules

Hockey fans can choose from 2 lineup options: a fixed 1-3-4 formation (3 defenders and 4 forwards + 1 goaltender) or the Heroes format, where you can choose one player from each position. Table of fantasy-points in hockey.

Event Points
Goalkeeper and defender goal 6.5
Forward goal 5
Goalkeeper and defender assist 4,5
Forward Assist 3
Goalkeeper deflected shot 0.2
Goalkeeper shutout 4
Missed puck -1
Shot on target 0.25
Delete (command penalty) 0.5
Individual deletion -2
Win a match 1
Out on the ice 0,75

How to play 1win fantasy tournaments?

  • find a 1win casino mirror or official website;
  • if you have a login and password, log in to the system;
  • if not available, register in a convenient way;
  • make a deposit from 10 UAH;
  • go to the Fantasy sport page, study the features and rules;
  • select sport and tournament;
  • select league, buy in;
  • collect a squad and receive prizes and bonuses from 1win.

Each league page has its own entry rules and basic information. The name of the tournament and the type of competition will be indicated (fantasy football of the Premier League or the regular season of the NBA. The player can make any of 3 types of buy-in: the amount to enter, depending on it, the prize fund and payouts will change. Then the player sees the start and end date of the tournament in real time — it’s easy to enter fantasy sports online even after the start, having missed several rounds.

Fantasy sports 1win

Other data is also available in the information:

  • number of participants, guaranteed prize fund;
  • indication of the game week and tournament ID for easy search;
  • schedule of upcoming matches in the tournament by rounds;
  • list of applications and current standings with points;
  • table with the distribution of the fantasy football league prize fund;
  • Detailed rules for a specific tournament: team budget, substitutions and payouts.

How to play fantasy football? This is the most demanded type of competition, and this is understandable — football is watched by millions of users around the world, famous football players are known thoroughly. Top leagues like the Premier League or La Liga are available online and easy to follow.


How to play fantasy football for money?

Fantasy sport on the 1win BC website works according to a simple scheme: registration on the official website or in the application - deposit in any currency - go to the fantasy section - select a tournament and league - fee according to the rules. The conditions for participation and the amount of payments are specified in the rules of a particular league.

How to view my fantasy football team?

In the main menu of the 1win section called Fantasy sport there is an item "My applications", which contains all the tournaments in which the user has made a buy-in. There, by clicking on the tournament, the current online roster, position in the ranking and rules will be presented. For more information about running tournaments, see the "Support Service" section on the left menu.

How to download fantasy football on a smartphone?

In order to assemble a fantasy team from a phone, a client needs to download 1win on iOS or Android and log in to the system. The user will have access to all the tournaments in which he participated earlier from the official website.

What is Daily Fantasy Sports?

Daily Fantasy - short-term tournaments with the aim of quickly gathering a squad and getting prizes immediately after the end of one round or one game week! Customers buy-in today and receive payments tomorrow! There are no substitutions in the daily tournament, unless additional options are provided, tournaments are held from 1 day to a week. The easiest way to play daily is in the fantasy sport app, for this you need to download 1win to your smartphone.

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