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Talking about modern sports, it is impossible to ignore the topic of betting. Sports betting, as they are most often called, has been around for a very long time, but never before has it been so affordable and widespread. Anyone can easily find a place on the Internet to bet online, spending no more than a few minutes on it. The variety of sports betting is even more impressive, because now you can bet on outcomes that no one knew about before. So that you do not get confused in this wilds of betting, we will introduce you to the main nuances, and at the same time explain how to bet on sports at 1win casino.

What is sports betting

It is customary to call bets gambling, which is based on predicting the outcome of a sporting event. A bookmaker conducts such gambling, which accepts sports bets. In case of victory, the player receives his bet multiplied by the bet coefficient, and in case of loss, the bet remains with the bookmaker.

Betting process:

  1. Selecting a sporting event.
  2. Choosing the outcome of a sporting event.
  3. Decision on the amount of the sports bet.
  4. Making a bet.
  5. Completion of the dispute (successful / unsuccessful).

Online soccer betting: Odds

Coefficient is a unit for measuring the riskiness of a bet, by which, in case of a win, the amount of the bet is multiplied. Simply put, the higher the odds, the more risky the bet is considered, and, accordingly, the greater the win. The bookmaker sets the odds, and the player chooses the outcome for making a bet. However, there is a type of bet in which you can place bets not on one event, but on several at once. In addition to all this, the coefficients of all outcomes are multiplied among themselves. This type of bet is called an express bet, and most often such bets are made on football.

However, this is just one type of bets that can be made at online casinos. We suggest discussing other popular types of bets, using the example of the bookmaker 1win.

ВTypes of bets at the 1win bookmaker:

  • Classic betting
    This includes bets on any outcomes that are in a particular sporting event. You can find a list of all sports events available for bets in the "Line" tab
  • Live sports betting
    As soon as the event starts, it is automatically moved to the “Live bets” tab. The peculiarity of this type of bet is that decisions must be made very quickly, because the odds change every five seconds.
  • Express sports betting
    As we said earlier, express bets are made on several sporting events at once. The important thing is that the player can choose only one of the three main outcomes of each individual match (victory of one of the teams or a draw).

Sports betting: bonuses at 1win bookmaker

The first bonus that a new user of the 1win bookmaker will receive is a welcome bonus. It's pretty simple: you get the opportunity to increase your deposit by 500% of the deposit amount. This 500% is distributed over the first four deposits as follows:

  • + 200% on the first deposit
  • + 150% for the second deposit
  • + 100% for the third deposit
  • + 50% for the fourth deposit

Also, those wishing to bet on sports at the 1win bookmaker have the opportunity to increase their winnings with express bets. Everything here is also quite simple and transparent: every express bet on 5 or more matches receives an additional percentage for winning.

Number of events Bonus percentage
5 7%
6 8%
7 9%
8 10%
9 11%
10 12%
11+ 15%

It is most profitable to place sports bets on the official 1win website. And if you doubt it, then go through the registration right now, so you will be convinced of this the fastest.