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Roulette is the gambling game that every player would like to play for money. If earlier it was necessary to go to a specially designated place for this, now it is available to everyone. Online roulette is available in almost every online casino, so the player only has to choose the best option. And we are sure that this option is 1win online casino.

In this article, we will talk about how to play roulette on the 1vin website, as well as the advantages of our casino. And if you have already made your choice and are familiar with the rules of the game, then we advise you not to waste time in vain! Click on the “Register” button in the upper right corner of the page and start playing at 1 win Casino right now!

Roulette is a game that changed the world of gambling

Before moving on to the 1win online casino roulette, we want to talk about how roulette has become so popular. This is an amazing story, thanks to which a game appeared that changed the world of gambling once and for all!

Until the end of the 17th century, all casinos in the world played exclusively card and traditional table games. The demand for new games was enormous, but no one could offer anything fundamentally new. Salvation came from where it was not worth waiting for, namely, experiments to create a perpetual motion machine. The scientist Blaise Pascal was unable to make the discovery, but with his work he helped create a roulette wheel. The game of chance, never seen before, spread very quickly around the world, completely changing the idea of games for money.

The most popular types of 1win roulette for money

In the online casino 1win you will find a wide variety of gambling games. But a special place among them is traditionally occupied by roulette. After all, this game literally began to personify real gambling establishments, becoming on a par with slots. Now you can touch the beautiful classics! It is enough just to decide on the type of roulette, which already exist quite a lot:

  • French roulette — a modern interpretation of a classic gambling game that brings new emotions. This option is very popular among gamblers who have been looking for new sensations for a long time. The basic meaning of French roulette is changed by just a few actions. On the table, the second fields with “Zero” will be absent, and the sectors are presented in a changed numbered order.
  • American Roulette — this is a cheeky classic that is directly associated with Las Vegas! Only in this type of online roulette you can bet by choosing the appropriate sector from 38 pieces. But some providers prefer to include the more traditional 36-sector option.
  • European roulette — the game of all times and peoples, which symbolizes the past era of gambling. 36 basic sectors with alternating red-black representation and one field “Zero” — the only options for players.

We haven’t mentioned the other varieties of 1win Roulette either. For example, in the online casino section you can find an unusual Russian Roulette. And some providers accompany the game with bright thematic design. Therefore, you will surely be able to find your version from a catalog of many thousands. And if you want something more tangible, then we suggest going to another section — Live Games!

1win Live Games Roulette

Gambling with real dealers has always caused fear and anxiety among beginners. But we will hasten to dispel your doubts, because only here you can take part in the game with a real croupier! Bet live, win big and come back as a winner!

And don’t forget to check out the branded 1win Roulette in the Live Games section, where you’ve been waiting for! In addition, each live broadcast is displayed in a convenient player. You can customize it to your liking: change the image quality, adjust the sound and much more.

1win Real money roulette in the online casino app!

Don’t have time to sit at the computer? Or maybe you often experience regional blocking? Then download the official app from 1win for Android and hurry up to place your bets! After all, high chances of success can manifest themselves right now!

The mobile application works on almost all Android devices. Therefore, no difficulties during operation should arise. And if you need help, you can always ask for help from online technical support specialists.

Bonuses for 1win Roulette on the website

Get extra value from playing at 1win online casino! Only with us you can get a large +500% deposit bonus. Get an impressive amount of money at the start and go to conquer 1win roulette!

1win casino is worth choosing because only here you can get up to 30% cashback! But more importantly, the funds are returned not to the bonus balance, but to the real one. That is, you can withdraw your money immediately after the return is made. No wagers and additional conditions in the best traditions of 1 win!

And we will not tire of reminding you about the no deposit bonuses of the 1 wine gambling establishment! For the same installation of the application, you will receive 2000 UAH to your bonus account. And for all kinds of subscriptions, you will receive a total of 1000 UAH and a hundred 1win coins!

Online roulette at 1win casino: how to play?

More than 300 years have passed, and roulette for money still pleases all lovers of excitement. In particular 1win casino users who have a choice of over 100 different roulette games. They differ both in the type of game and in the mode. We will analyze the types of roulette a little later, but for now let’s discuss the modes that are on the site casino.

  • Quick Roulette
    The most common type of online gambling is fast money games. It can be both slot machines and table games, for example, online roulette. The mechanics of the game is quite simple: the user selects a bet and presses the “Spin” button. The random number generator then decides the outcome of the game. Everyone can play online roulette of this kind, even if he plays for money for the first time. In addition, 1win casino quick games have a demo mode with which you can test the game for free.
  • Live Roulette
    Live roulette is a little different from fast mode, but it also has similarities. For example, the process of placing a bet: the user places a bet using a similar control panel. The main differences will become noticeable already during the game. After making a bet, the player can watch how a professional croupier works. This becomes possible thanks to the video broadcast of the gaming room for playing roulette for money. Also, live roulette is different in that you can play it only for real money - there is no demo mode here.

Rules for playing roulette for money

The rules of the game of roulette are already known to all those who like to play for money. Moreover, they are known even to people far from excitement, since many of us have watched Hollywood films. It is to them that roulette owes such universal popularity. Nevertheless, we offer to analyze the sequence of actions and betting options in online roulette.

Sequence of actions in the game:

  1. The croupier announces the acceptance of bets;
  2. Players make 1win bets using chips on a designated field;
  3. The croupier spins the roulette and then spins the ball in the opposite direction;
  4. The croupier stops accepting bets a few seconds after the roulette spins;
  5. After the reel stops, the croupier announces the cell where the ball has stopped;
  6. Players whose bet has played receive their winnings.

What you can bet on:

  • to the exact number;
  • for several numbers, which are located next to each other on the betting field;
  • to red or black cells;
  • to even or odd cell number;
  • to the first or second 18 field numbers;
  • to the first, second or third dozen (12 cells).

Play 1win roulette for real money in Ukraine

After you’ve read the rules of the game, you’re ready to start playing. We recommend that you start playing quick mode roulette. There you can practice with a demo game, and then start playing for real money. After some time, you can switch to the live game mode, where fundamentally new emotions from the game await you.

At 1win website casino playing roulette online is not only interesting, but also profitable! Don’t believe? Then see for yourself, having received a bonus of up to 12,500 hryvnia for registration. Go to the official website of the casino and start playing for money right now!


Is it worth it to start playing 1win Roulette if you haven't had such experience before?

1win Roulette is worth playing even if you have no experience for several reasons. First, you will learn a lot about the classic casino game and gain valuable knowledge. Secondly, with the help of roulette you can win a large amount of real money! The game is fast, but you can pick up your winnings even faster!

How much can you win on roulette bets on the official website of 1win bookmaker?

Roulette provides endless opportunities to win at 1win BC! Regardless of your ambitions and amount of money, roulette will make you feel like a real gambler. Place quick bets, think over your own game strategy and win as much as you can carry!

Is 1win access to the official website of the online casino available to gamblers from Ukraine?

1win entrance to the official website of the online casino is always available for residents of Ukraine. If for some reason you cannot find a working link to the site, subscribe to the official groups in social networks from 1win. There you can quickly get a working link and start the game without delay!

What are 1win promo codes for on the official website of the Ukrainian online casino?

1win promo codes are part of a huge online casino bonus system. With their help, you can activate unique promotions from 1win. These can be standard deposit bonuses, free spins for slots and much more! Use free promo codes to get more chances to win at the casino!

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