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1win online casino support contacts

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Even experienced gamblers may need help from the support service, let alone newcomers to the world of online casinos. To give answers to your titles and help in solving problems are the main tasks of the 1win online casino support operators. They will easily convey information to the user as soon as possible to make spending time in the online casino even more comfortable.

1win casino support: what titles may you have?

You can contact the online casino technical support with any titles that relate to the functioning of the bk 1vin platform or slot machines. Most often, titles relate to:

  • registration on the site
  • site login
  • personal identification
  • confidential data protection
  • bonuses (terms of receipt and use)
  • deposit and withdrawal
  • rate calculation

1win technical support schedule

Online casino 1win understands that you always want to play. Gamblers can spend time immersed in the world of excitement on weekends and holidays, which means that the support service should be available at this time.

For the comfort of players, the 1win casino support works around the clock without breaks and weekends. At any time of the day or night, you can contact pleasant operators and find out everything you need. Even in the midst of the holiday.

How can I contact support?

There are several ways to contact online casino technical support:

  • online chat
  • phone
  • email

Online casino chat 1win

According to users, this is the most convenient way to contact the 1win casino support. It is also the fastest: the chat starts instantly. To contact the operators, you need to click on the chat icon in the lower right corner on the official 1win website. The operator will answer all titles in real time.

Phone number for communication with support 1win

There are two ways to contact the 1win casino support by phone.

Call a multichannel phone:

+7 (495) 088-88-99 number for international calls.

Operators usually respond within a few minutes, but sometimes if lines are busy, you have to wait.

Or you can call directly from our online casino website. To do this, you need to click on the phone icon in the lower right corner (the scheme is the same as with online chat). The call will start directly from the computer.


It is convenient to contact by e-mail if the title is complex and you want to attach screenshots. It is in the e-mail that you can give as much specific information as possible.

Email address support 1win

You can write at any time, and a reply letter will come within a few hours. But do not forget about the congestion of the lines. In rare cases, you will have to wait up to a day to get a detailed answer.

Feel free to ask titles if you have any. It is always better to clarify and get more information than to give up the game or doubt the integrity of the casino. Moreover, the 1win support staff are very polite and sympathetic to each player.

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