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1win sports bonus - how to use bookmaker bonuses

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Like all bonus programs in all bookmakers and online casinos, the 1win sports bonus is an opportunity to place more bets and win more money when not a very small initial investment.

Therefore, all BC customers are happy to use the bonus. Beginners who just came to 1win official website. As well as regular customers who have been betting here for many years. At the same time, since the company has various types of bonuses, everyone independently chooses what suits him best.
1win no deposit bonus

1win sports bonus: what are the types

At 1win casino you can find two main types of bonuses:

  • Bonus for express sports betting, which is issued in the form of real money;
  • Bonuses that are credited in the form of bonus money to the bonus account.

Each of the bonuses has its advantages and at the same time its disadvantages. Next, we will take a closer look at each of them.

Multi Sportsbook Bonus

A promotion from the 1win bookmaker, according to which each player can receive a special bonus for a winning parlay. Namely, from 7% to 15% to the already accrued winnings in the form of real money. That is, you place bets as usual, and get even more!

With this, the online promotion is not limited in the number of winnings. Therefore, you can make expresses as many times as you like and win 1win bonuses. So, if you consider yourself a professional better, feel strong in yourself and regularly make winning parlays, then the 1-win Sports Betting Bonus is exactly what you need.

Bonus conditions

According to the terms of the promotion, players on the 1win website can receive additional real money winnings if:

  • Express consists of at least 5 events;
  • Each event in the accumulator has a minimum coefficient of 1.3;
  • All events in the accumulator will be winning.

That’s all. As you can see, nothing complicated. Just go to the “Line” section, choose your favorite sport, make an accumulator adhering to the above conditions, win and get a 1win sports bonus.

1win Sports Bonus

Calculation of the bonus for multiple sports bets

The BC bonus is credited in accordance with the table below:

  • 5 winning events in the express - a bonus of 7% of the winning amount;
  • 6 events - 8% of the amount won;
  • 7 - 9%;
  • 8 - 10%;
  • 9 - 11%;
  • 10 - 12%;
  • 11 and more - 15%.

Accordingly, an example of bonus calculation can be as follows:

  • Number of events - 5 pieces;
  • Total coefficient - 13;
  • The total rate is 1000 hryvnia.

When all events are won by express, the player receives 13,000 hryvnia, of which 12,000 is the amount of winning funds. There are 5 events in the express. Accordingly, the player receives a bonus of 7% of the winning amount in accordance with the payout table. That is, another 840 hryvnia. Thus, the total winnings of the player on the 1win site, thanks to the bonus, will be 12840 hryvnia, instead of 12 thousand.

1win sports bonus in the form of bonus money

As we said above, the 1win sports bonus can be in the form of bonus money. Which are credited to the bonus account and can later be used to place bets on sports.

In the form of bonus money, you can get a bonus bet on the 1win BC website for several programs at once. This is a welcome bonus, as well as no deposit bonus BC for installing the application or temporary promotions. Depending on the type of program, it may be suitable only for beginners, regular clients, or both. At the same time, some programs can be used only once, and some give bonuses permanently.

Welcome Bonus

Promotion from the bookmaker 1 win for those who first came to the platform. You can use the offer only once, as this bonus only applies to the first deposit.

According to the terms of the promotional offer, players can receive within this program +500% to the amount of the deposit in the form of money in the bonus account. At the same time, the deposit itself must be at least 200 hryvnia and a maximum of 7840 hryvnia.

As a result, if a player deposits UAH 7,840 into the account, he will receive a bonus for the BC deposit in the amount of UAH 39,200 to the bonus account. Thus, the total score of the player will be 47040 hryvnia. That will allow you to make significantly more bets or make larger bets. Which in any case, will allow the player to win much more!

no deposit bonus for registration

1win how to use sports bonus

According to the terms of the welcome bonus on the 1win website, the player can:

  • Place bets in any sport;
  • Use bonus funds for betting only with a coefficient of at least 3;
  • Get 5% of the bet amount in the form of a transfer of this amount from the bonus to the main account.

In addition, it should be taken into account that the player can also receive a bonus on the accumulator if there are at least 5 events in it. So there are more than enough opportunities to win on the 1win website.

Mobile App Install Bonus

Under this program, both beginners and already registered users can receive a $100 no deposit sports bonus for installing the application.

Please note that if you have not yet registered on the 1win website, then the bookmaker offers you a bonus when registering without a deposit. All you need is to open the application, register in it and after authorization, you will immediately receive a bonus from the bookmaker.

How to get a betting bonus

You can install the application on a computer with the Windows operating system, as well as on a smartphone and tablet running the Android OS. In order to download the application to your computer, simply click on the appropriate icon at the top of the 1win website. Then download the installer to your computer and run it.

In order to install the mobile version and get a no deposit bonus from BC Ukraine, you need to take a few more steps:

  • Go to the 1vin website from a mobile device;
  • Select the required operating system and download the installer via a direct link;
  • Find the downloaded file in the downloads and run it by double clicking on it;
  • During installation, you need to give permission to install programs from unknown sources.
  • After the shortcut appears on the screen of the mobile device, launch the program and go through registration or authorization.

Mobile app install bonus

As soon as you get to the internal menu, the bonus will be available to you and you will be able to bet on sports.

Should I use the 1win sports bonus

1win has one of the most loyal conditions for receiving and wagering bonuses, if they are provided in the form of bonus funds. And there is no such promotion as a bonus for express bets on sports anywhere else. But even so, everyone decides for himself whether it is worth using the 1win sports bonus or not. In any case, we recommend that you try to take advantage of bonus offers, as tens of thousands of visitors to the 1 vin bookmaker have already done. Moreover, in the future, if you are not satisfied with such an offer, you can start placing bets at any time using only your own money.


Can I get real money using the 1win sports bonus?

Sure! The 1win sports bonus in any program provides the opportunity to get real money for sports betting. If this is the Express Sports Betting program, then the player immediately receives real money through it. In the case of a welcome deposit bonus or no deposit bonuses, once the wagering requirements are met, players will also receive real money.

Do I need to clear the 1win sports bonus?

Depends on which 1win sports bonus the player is using. If this is a bonus for express sports betting, then the money received does not need to be wagered. If bonus money has been received that can be used to place bets on sports, then in order to convert it into real money, you must first wager it.

Can I get a 1win sports bonus if I'm under 18?

Sorry not. 1win company strictly follows the rules of the regulator, therefore it does not allow underage visitors to gamble and make sports bets. Therefore, the 1win sports bonus and any other bonus programs on our website will not be available to you.

Do I need to be verified to receive a 1win sports bonus?

The online casino provides a 1win sports bonus without a mandatory verification procedure. However, it reserves the right, if necessary, to request documents for verification. For example, if the user is suspected of fraudulent activities or to verify his age.
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