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Recently, crash games have been in great demand among customers 1win online casino. The Smartsoft Gaming provider also keeps up with the times, offering fans of its developments a video slot designed in this style

For this purpose, the company released the Jet X slot machine, which appeared on the gambling arena back in 2019. An online game is considered a unique development that is significantly different from other gambling entertainments. The principle of its work is based on human factors, so gamers are constantly in suspense and waiting to receive large cash prizes.

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What are the advantages of Jetx?

The innovative development of a world-famous provider, which belongs to the category of crash games, appeared in the 1win casino electronic catalog for a long time. Its popularity is growing every day due to the large number of positive aspects of the slot machine.

Among the advantages of Jetx are:

  • peculiar mechanics - the use of the unique Provably Fair technology, which allows you to display the results of the game depending on the bets made by the players; this concept allows players to have better control over the gameplay compared to other slots;
  • high win rate - the multiplier value starts at 1 and can increase indefinitely, according to the statistics and comments of real players, you can collect a winning combination with x100 or x200 multipliers once in a few hours;
  • simple 1win rules games that allow novice players to easily understand the essence of the gameplay for account of a convenient and understandable control panel and a table with detailed instructions;
  • Fascinating rounds that flow quite quickly and imperceptibly, but at the same time maintaining tension, players have a chance to wait for the highest odds or miss it by losing the invested money in an online casino;
  • Adaptation of the gaming machine to any type of device (mobile or stationary), so players can win real money anytime, anywhere.

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Features of JetX game

The Jet X video slot is considered to be a similar development similar to The Aviator game. Players are invited to independently change the background image and choose a Jetx strategy for themselves, which increases the chances of winning money.

One of the key advantages of choosing this gaming machine is considered to be the ideal ratio of excitement and adrenaline received during the entire gameplay. Gamers can independently determine for themselves the time spent on an online game, which will affect the amount of profit. The jackpot option is also available to players.

Is it possible to make money on Jetx?

To play Jetx and earn real money, it is enough to understand the rules of the game and the gameplay of the slot machine and register. The slot machine is designed on the theme of aviation. Gamers see a runway for aircraft in front of them. To win money, you should be extremely careful.

Game rules

The Jetx virtual game is considered multiplayer, so the rounds are launched automatically. Before launching a flying ship, the player needs to make a bet, the size of which is in the range of 0.1-600. The gamer’s task is to launch the aircraft and stop it in time at the time when it gains the highest altitude and maximum coefficient. In the event that the plane crashes earlier, the player will lose their money.

The Jetx slot machine also contains a bonus option, which implies the possibility of winning the jackpot. Every gamer who manages to withdraw odds with a value of 1.5 or higher, as well as players with a bet size of 1 credit, can win such a solid amount of money.

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Jetx Tactics - Key Features

To win real money on the Jetx virtual slot machine, many theme portals offer a variety of tactics. Among the proposed strategies, the following are most in demand:

  • the smallest entry point implies the withdrawal of money from the online game immediately after the coefficient reaches the value of 1.1; when such luck falls into the hands of the player more than 4 times, he is given the opportunity to increase the waiting period until the lost round;
  • Average odds selection scheme - the player automatically withdraws money in case of a multiplier from 2 to 3, this concept affects the increase in the amount of prize money;
  • Risk tactics - suitable in cases where a player wants to get a large amount of money with a multiplier of x100 and higher.

Depending on the goal, each player can periodically change one of the proposed tactics.


What is the meaning of Jetx online game?

Jetx game strategy can be very diverse. It all depends on the preferences of the player. The main thing is to understand the rules and features of the gameplay. You can run the slot machine in a demo version, when bets are made with virtual currency, or in paid mode, when you need to replenish your account with real money. The main thing is to stick to the chosen strategy and not deviate from it.

Where can I play the Jetx slot machine?

You can launch the Jetx virtual slot machine in one of the most famous and reliable online casinos 1win. The electronic platform contains only popular and unique developments of providers, the high quality of which is confirmed by the presence of official documents. The online game is located in a separate section of the gambling club.

What are the advantages of the Jetx slot machine?

Jetx virtual game will be interesting not only for experienced gamers, but also for beginners. Such popularity is due to several advantages of the gaming machine, including getting a solid win even with the minimum bet size, exciting and dynamic gameplay, and simple game rules. Also, the launch of the slot machine will give fans of gambling entertainment an incredible portion of emotions and adrenaline.

What plot does Jetx online slot have?

Jetx is a game with a classic theme, which is about a plane taking off moving in a certain direction. But a flying ship can break down at any moment. Therefore, players need to be extremely careful not to miss their chance and take the money with the highest odds before the plane crashes.

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