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1win Lucky Loot

1win Lucky Loot

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Provider 1play has released a new non-classic game for iGambling, Lucky Loot. This is an instant win game based on your choice of odds.

The rules are as simple as possible, which attracts many users to 1win official website. The provider promises not only instant, but also big winnings in a short period of time.

Before writing this review, we studied many working strategies for winning real money in the Lucky Loot slot machine and are ready to share this knowledge with you.

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Design and interface of Lucky Loot slot

The design of the virtual game corresponds to the general premise of the provider - simplicity in everything.

Indeed, when opening Lucky Loot online, the player will see a stylized image of a tablet with several buttons and two screens. The central place of the tablet is occupied by a round window - users have already dubbed it a radar. And indeed, without carrying any gaming function, it animates the actions characteristic of this device. Depending on the player’s loss or victory, it is colored green or red, respectively. Yellow is the color of expectation.

The general interface of the Lucky Loot slot machine is represented by the following elements:

  • two screens to the right and left of the radar in which winnings are displayed depending on the bet and odds;
  • “more” and “less” buttons under the radar - the coefficients offered by the system are displayed below them;
  • bet and total balance window in the bottom panel of the tablet;
  • buttons for changing the bet size;
  • information panel on the left: winning statistics, chat button, simple rules of the game, button to check the authenticity of winnings.

How to play Lucky Loot - general rules

The rules are also as simple as possible, which allows 1win casino customers to focus on winning rather than learning complicated strategies.

So, the player needs to register on the 1win casino, then determine the size of the bet for real money and use the buttons at the bottom of the tablet to enter the corresponding value in the window.

The system in the Lucky Loot demo will automatically calculate the odds that will be displayed under the radar buttons. There are always two of them - one is larger than the second.

Next, the player needs to choose the multiplier number that will be winning, of course in his opinion. If the bet turns out to be correct, the winnings will be the amount of the bet multiplied by the winning odds. If the player makes a mistake with the forecast, the entire bet will be lost.

The winning animation is presented in green, the losing animation in red.

1win Lucky Loot

How to win at Lucky Loot - strategies

Before voicing possible strategies for winning at 1win Lucky Loot, we advise you to pay attention to the analysis tools available directly in the game.

So, in the interface of the Lucky Loot slot machine there is a win statistics window. And since the game is multiplayer, the winnings of not only the current player, but all users in the game are displayed. By analyzing the time and size of winning odds, you can identify a specific system. Thus, the Lucky Loot slot machine gives out large winning odds on average every 1.5-2 hours. That is, the first rule is that you should start the game from this section with the history of bets in order to get the maximum bonuses from the game.

Second - possible strategies:

  • Minimum strategy. Implies the choice of exclusively minimum odds. This includes the principle of low volatility, as in online slots. Small and frequent wins.
  • Moderate betting strategy. The player should maintain a balance in choosing alternately large and small multipliers. The probability of winning using this strategy - judging by the analytics from the reviews of live casino 1win, the winnings range from 40 to 50%.
  • Strategy for high rollers. The highest rates and, most importantly, the highest odds. Not every player will agree with this approach. Our advice is to stick to a time interval of 1.5-2 hours to select the maximum odds.

1win Lucky Loot - conclusion and overall impression

In any case, you should not rely on the effectiveness of the above strategies in Lucky Loot. In any approach to gambling, it is necessary to use common sense and not blindly rush into the adventure of a new game.

The advantages of LuckyLoot slot include?

  • instant win;
  • due to the novelty of the machine, the provider increases the return, it’s worth taking advantage of this - according to reviews, the average increase in bankroll is 104%;
  • the opportunity to play on the 1win site for real money;
  • by adhering to a stable strategy, the player will not remain in the red.


How to play Lucky Loot slot?

The Lucky Loot slot machine gives you instant wins. In order to receive real money, the player needs to determine the bet size. There are buttons for this at the bottom of the game screen. The system will automatically calculate the coefficient. The user must choose one of the two.

Is it possible to play Lucky Loot demo?

No, unfortunately, such a game mode is not provided in Lucky Loot. You can get access to the game immediately after registering on the 1win mirror and making even the smallest deposit. Bet in the slot machine can only be made with real money.

How to get a big win at Lucky Loot 1win?

As with any gambling game, you should first of all maintain sobriety and a stable approach to betting. And Lucky Loot slot is no exception. There are several strategies that are considered working and successful by users. But they all contain both the possibility of losing and winning.

What is the RTP of Lucky Loot slot?

The payout of the Lucky Loot 1win slot machine is quite high. According to online reviews, playing on a virtual tablet is very profitable and the increase in bankroll can amount to more than 100% of the gaming budget. Therefore, we advise you to immediately go to an online casino and enjoy big winnings and fast payouts.
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