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Monopoly casino - nostalgic live game

Monopoly casino - nostalgic live game

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This is a game loved by many, and known from childhood. At one time, desktop entertainment made a splash, bringing entire companies together. And today it has received a “second wind”, becoming a real trend in the gambling industry. All thanks to the fact that the updated nostalgic machine now allows you to win real money. And the gambling provider Evolution Gaming made sure that the game still aroused interest.

Thus, today we offer those who wish to plunge into a pleasant atmosphere by playing the live version of Monopoly. 1win bookmaker could not leave its users without a game that can rightfully be called a world bestseller. Only now in its new improved interpretation. Since now all visitors to our portal will be able to win.

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Monopoly live casino - game features

First of all, it is worth noting that this gambling entertainment is live game for real money. That is, the entire gameplay takes place in live broadcast mode, from a specially equipped studio. The gameplay is accompanied by charismatic hosts who spin the wheel and announce the results. So in this case, not only the characteristics of the slot are important, but also the quality of the broadcast.

Online game options:

  • Broadcast quality - HD/Full HD;
  • Mobile device support;
  • Bonus game - yes;
  • Multiplayer gameplay;
  • The minimum bet in the game is 0.1, the maximum is 1000;
  • Live chat with all participants;
  • Number of sectors on the wheel - 54;
  • Simple and user-friendly interface;
  • RTP - 96.23%;
  • Time to bet - 12 seconds;
  • License of the island of Malta.

Casino monopoly - advantages of the machine

Gambling has many advantages, which is why it has become a favorite among players. First of all, it is a unique atmosphere and addictive gameplay. Together they provide an opportunity to relax and escape from the daily routine. In addition, this is one of those games at 1win casino that allows you to get a solid reward. So the new version of the game, created for live casinos, helps to combine business with pleasure.

It is also worth highlighting the interface of the machine, which was created as simply as possible. Thanks to this, it is convenient to place a bet in the game both from a phone and from a classic PC. All important fields are highlighted in bright colors, and live chat is located on the left side of the screen. And therefore, in entertainment, everyone will have enough live communication.

1win monopoly casino

Basic rules of Monopoly casino game

The trending live game has simple rules that are not difficult to remember. However, in any case, all visitors to our online casino need to register. And after creating a personal account, you need to replenish the deposit. Since the gameplay occurs only when using cash.

How to play Monopoly online:

  • When starting the slot, the first thing the participant will see on the screen is a big wheel that the dealer is spinning;
  • There are 54 sectors marked on the reel. The most frequent symbols of these are 1, 2, 5 and 10. The most desired ones are 2 rolls, 4 rolls and Chance;
  • The host gives 12 seconds for all players to place their bets, and then spins the wheel;
  • The participant’s task is to guess at what value the drum will stop;
  • When the number “1” appears, the bet is returned back. At the same time, 2.5 and 10 are multipliers;
  • Chance is a random prize. It can be bonus for a deposit, multiplier or money;
  • 2 rolls and 4 rolls is the start of the bonus game.

Monopoly casino online - bonus game

If the user made a bet on the symbols “2 rolls” or “4 rolls” and they fell out, then he automatically joins the bonus game. Throughout the game, the main character is to the left of the host. When the bonus game starts, he guides us through the 3D city, collecting rewards along the way.

“2 rolls” or “4 rolls” refers to the number of rolls a gambler can make. And the further the main character goes, the more prizes he can collect.

1win monopoly casino

Monopoly live casino - demo mode

Because this is an online game that takes place in live mode, there is no classic demo mode. The participant at the first bet will need to use real money. But the gambling provider has created simple rules for live Monopoly, as well as a lot of promotional materials. They will help you understand the gameplay even without a demo mode.


Can I win real money at Monopoly game casino?

Yes, game Monopoly casino is a modern live game in which you need to use real money. That is why the main prizes in gambling entertainment are cash. And all participants have equal chances by betting on different sectors on the wheel. So the online game gives a real opportunity to win money.

Can I play Monopoly live casino on my mobile phone?

Yes, it is convenient to play the Monopoly live casino game from all modern mobile devices. It can be not only a smartphone, but also a tablet. The slot was created using HTML5 technology, which helps it adapt to all devices. Therefore, for comfortable gameplay, you can use almost any device, including mobile.

Does Monopoly casino slots have a bonus mini-game?

Yes, Monopoly casino slot has a small bonus game. It allows you to significantly increase the potential winnings. To the left of the presenters is an animated character. When a bonus drops out on the wheel, the hero leads the participants to his 3D city. By stepping on it, he collects rewards, helping the participant win a big multiplier.

What is the RTP in Monopoly casino live?

In live Monopoly casino, the RTP is 96.23%. This is one of the highest percentage returns to players that can be found. Therefore, it is profitable to play this slot. It allows you to get real money on your balance.

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