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1win Penalty Shoot Out game

1win Penalty Shoot Out game

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Presented in 1win online casino Penalty Shoot Out slot machine is not a classic or even a progressive slot, in that form, in which you are used to seeing slots. No, it’s something special and unique. Slot “Penalty Shoot-Out” is more likely to be attributed to games with instant wins like Plinko or crash games for intuition like Aviator. But at the same time, it is neither.

Penalty Shoot Out is a slot where the player needs to take an active part. Indeed, in this game, each player is a real scorer who breaks a penalty for his favorite team at the opponent’s goal. And depending on how many goals he can score, he will receive a win of a certain size. The game is very entertaining and will suit all fans of active games, and taking into account the RTP of 96%, also all fans of winning!

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What is the Penalty Shoot Out slot

The game added to the official website of 1win is made in the form of a playing field with a gate in which the goalkeeper (goalkeeper) is located. There is a ball in front of the goal that you need to score. Which part of the goal to hit, you choose yourself.

At the very beginning of the game, the player on 1win is given the opportunity to choose the country for which he will play. 24 countries available. After this formality, the game itself will open, where your victory will depend only on you.

If you manage to score at the Penalty Shoot Out casino, you get a well-deserved reward. But if the goalkeeper catches your ball, you will lose your bet. At the same time, you have the opportunity to score several goals in a row and for each such goal scored, you will receive a double reward. True, the developer made a restriction, the maximum you can score is no more than 5 goals in a row. But this, too, is another task.

1win penalty shoot out

How to play Penalty Shoot Out for money

In 1 win rules the games in this slot are very simple. They can be represented as a simple list:

  1. Start the game Penalty Shoot Out for money or download the mobile app;
  2. Select one of the countries and confirm your choice;
  3. Click on the “Play” button, after which the game round will begin;
  4. Choose one of the 5 places in the goal to hit;
  5. If you’re not sure which point to hit, you can click the “Random” button. Then the system itself will choose where to hit. Whether this kick coincides with the place where the goalkeeper jumps will show the result. By the way, the developer tried so hard that he even realized missed shots in the place where the goalkeeper jumps. That is, if you hit in the lower left corner and the goalkeeper jumped there, this does not mean that he will hit the ball.
  6. After a goal is scored, you can take real money or try to score again, thereby getting a double profit coefficient. But if you do not score, you will lose the winnings for the first ball and the bet.

If you don’t score, you’ll lose your bet and the next game will start as a new round of 5 hits.

How much can you win in Penalty Shoot Out?

This online game does not have huge multipliers like other slots in 1win casino. The maximum win in one round of 5 hits is x30.

After that, the game round ends and a new game begins. Where is the first ball, will also give the initial multiplier x1.92. If you translate this into money, then your maximum win in one round with a bet of, for example, $ 10, will be $ 300.

How multipliers are calculated:

  • For the first goal scored, the profit coefficient will be x1.92;
  • For the second goal scored in a row, the coefficient will double and will already be x3.84;
  • The third goal scored in a row will bring x7.68;
  • The fourth one will also give twice as much - x15.36;
  • The fifth consecutive goal scored will give the maximum coefficient x30.72.

Someone might say that this is very little. But taking into account the fact that you can score 5 goals in a maximum of a couple of minutes, you can understand that the Penalty Shoot Out game for money gives much more than it seems at first glance.

1win penalty shoot out


Are there additional bonuses in Penalty Shoot Out?

No, there are no bonus symbols or a bonus game in Penalty Shoot Out. All players can count on is a doubling of the profit ratio for each consecutive goal scored. If bonus features are important to you, we recommend that you pay attention to other slots at 1win online casino.

Which mobile operating systems is Penalty Shoot Out compatible with?

The Penalty Shoot Out game is made using the latest libraries, including HTML5. Thanks to this, it is correctly displayed in any mobile browser, on any operating system: Android, Windows mobile or iOS. Moreover, the game will automatically adjust to the screen of your gadget, for maximum convenience of the game.

Can I play Penalty Shoot Out with a weak internet connection?

Yes, you can. Thanks to the use of modern frameworks in Penalty Shoot Out, the game is so easy that it runs without problems on weak smartphones and maintains a stable connection with the server even with a weak Internet connection. And this means that you can play on the phone without any problems in any place where there is mobile Internet.

Is it possible to change the country in the game Penalty Shoot Out?

Yes, sure. To do this, you need to go to the Penalty Shoot Out game settings and change the country. You can also just log out of the online game and log in again. The system will again prompt you to select a country and confirm your choice. After confirmation, you can continue the game.

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