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Plinko game at 1win

Plinko game at 1win

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1 win bookmaker always tries to please its visitors with the newest and most modern online games. Therefore, today, by going to 1win official site, you can play not only the most popular slots or poker, but also in such a simple, but very addictive game like Plinko.

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What is the online version of the Plinko game?

In fact, the online version of the Plinko casino game for online casinos is almost the same as the original, which is used in reality. Developers always try to keep the main features and essence of games, but at the same time add new features, making online games even more interesting. This is the main advantage of all slot machines in 1win online casino.

Plinko is no exception. The version presented on the 1win BC website combines tradition and innovation. Therefore, the playing field in the Plinko game has a traditional triangular shape with the top at the top and the bottom at the bottom.

The whole triangle is filled with obstacles, symmetrically placed at a certain distance from each other in several rows. In the form of obstacles, “sticks” act, on which a ball falling from above stumbles.

Bottom, under the triangular field, there are several rows, consisting of 12, 14 or 16 cells. The principle of the arrangement of cells is such that the largest profit is counted in the most extreme cells from the left and right edges. As you approach the middle, the profitability of the cells decreases. In the central cell, depending on the selected series, the profitability is only x0.5, x0.2 and 0.

Rules of the game Plinko casino 1win?

Despite the fact that this is an online version, the essence and principle of the game has not changed:

  • A ball is served from above.
  • When falling, the ball collides with obstacles and repelling from them, changes the trajectory of its flight. At the same time, it collides with neighboring obstacles and changes its trajectory again.
  • After reaching the bottom, the ball falls into one of the cells located in a row.
  • Depending on which cell the ball falls into, the player receives the corresponding prize.

The essence of the Plinko game is that it is impossible to predict in advance which cell the ball will fall into. With the same degree of probability, the ball can fall both into the central cell, and the player will lose his bet, and into the outer one, which will bring the maximum profit.

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What are the features of the online version of Plinko?

The online casino version of Plinko game has several features that make it different from the real game.

  1. Three rows of cells at the bottom of the playing field: green, orange and red. Each row has its own profitability ratios. In addition, each row has a different level of risk.
    1. If you choose to play the green row, you will lose a maximum of half your bet. At the same time, the multiplier of the extreme side cells is small. Accordingly, the risks are less, but the profit is also small.
    2. If you choose the red row, you can completely lose your bet. But at the same time, when the ball hits the last cell, you will have the maximum profit. That is, the risk is greater, but the gain is also much more significant.
  2. Autoplay – the ability to start the game in automatic mode. So that every time after the end it starts anew on its own. In this case, the autoplay has additional settings. Such as choosing a number of cells for which profit will be calculated, the number of games in automatic mode, and more.

In addition, you can change the difficulty level of the casino plinko game.

There are three difficulties in the online version of Plinko:

  1. Light – 12 pins (cells in a row);
  2. Medium – 14 pins;
  3. Complex – 16 pins.

The more cells in a row, the more difficult it is for the ball to hit the outermost cell. But the profit ratio in the online version of casino plinko also varies depending on the complexity of the game. The more complex it is, the greater the profit in cells that are farther from the center.

Can Plinko be downloaded to my phone?

Modern versions of online games are good because they are always in trend. And since today almost 80% of users access the Internet from mobile phones, having mobile adaptation of games is a vital necessity for every developer.

The creators of Plinko slot understand this very well, so the game was developed using HTML5 technology. Which allows you to run the game in any mobile browser, on any phone or tablet with an Android, iOS or Windows Phone operating system. Therefore, you can easily go to mobile version of 1win of the official website and launch the game Plinko right in your phone.

In addition, you can download Plinko 3d to your phone along with the 1win BK mobile application. In order to download Plinko 3d to your mobile device, you need to go to the 1win website and click on the special button in the upper left corner with the specified operating system that suits you. After that, the download of the application will begin, which will then need to be installed. Once the installation is complete, you will be able to play at Plinko Casino using your mobile phone without even going to the 1 win website.

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How to play Plinko for free and for real money?

The developer of the game has provided an opportunity to play the Plinko demo version, where you do not need to invest your own funds. Therefore, you can start playing right now without risking your own funds. To do this, simply turn on the game and virtual money will be automatically credited to your game account.

The funds received will be enough to play Plinko in all modes. But in order to win real money, you need to fund your 1win account. Then choose real money for betting.

The results of the game in demo mode and at your own expense are completely identical. Since in both cases the same RNG is used. Therefore, you can not worry that in demo mode you are shown better results than when playing for real money. In addition, it is worth saying that the Plinko game finds a developer on the server. Therefore, the 1win bookmaker cannot influence the outcome of the game in any mode.


Are there any bonuses in Plinko online game?

No, the developer has not provided bonuses in the online version of Plinko. But do not be upset, as you can always get great bonuses from 1win online casino. When registering or participating in tournaments, as well as various promotional offers, on our website you can get up to 500% bonuses, free spins and even real money.

Is there a strategy for playing Plinko on an online casino site?

Every movement of the ball in the online version of Plinko is generated by a random number generator. Therefore, it is impossible to predict which cell the ball will fall into. Therefore, there are no strategies for this game. Just play and enjoy the game itself. And if you're lucky, you can still win a great prize.

Can you trust the results of playing Plinko?

The random number generator in the Plinko online game has been verified by several independent auditors represented by international laboratories that test all online gambling games. Therefore, the Plinko game has the appropriate quality certificates, and the results of the game are 100% random.

How much can you win in Plinko at 1win?

Depending on the difficulty level of Plinko, when the ball hits the edge of the cell, you can win 100, 353 or even 555 times more than you invested. For example, with a bet of only $1, the maximum you can win is $5,500. This is a very good indicator, given that there are no bonuses.

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