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Royal Mines - game rules from 1win games!

Royal Mines - game rules from 1win games!

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Welcome to the website of the best online casino, where real money and a lot of excitement await you! We won’t bore you with a story about all the advantages of our gambling establishment, because you probably managed to study everything on your own! But if you thought that we had nothing to surprise our regular customers, a pleasant surprise awaits you. More recently, 1win official acquired a unique real money game - Royal Mines. And now we will tell you about its potential and basic rules!

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Royal Mines 1win — new product from online casinos

Royal Mines is a completely new gambling game from 1win casino, which will give you a lot of fun after registration on the site! In it you have to go through a minefield in order to get real money. But unlike analogues and popular crash games, here you can withdraw your winnings at any suitable time. You don’t have to go all the way to the end to reap the benefits! After all, every successful step is generously rewarded, regardless of your strategy.

By the way, Royal Mines 1 win has a number of other solid advantages. Surely you want to try your luck right now, but let’s look at all the nuances of the game. After all, the more information you have on hand, the greater your chances of getting a more impressive win! Let’s start with the main features of the original game.

Main features of the new casino game

Let’s start with the fact that Royal Mines online belongs to the category of fast gambling. That is, earning real money in it is carried out in the shortest possible time! It will only take a few seconds from the moment you place your bet to the withdrawal of your winnings - see for yourself!

We also note other features of the game:

  • Original software - this game is developed by specialists from our online casino! This is already the eighth release, which will delight you with unusual gameplay and solid payouts. Moreover, 1win casino is a legal gambling establishment with thousands of proven slots. Therefore, you don’t have to worry about the reliability and fairness of the gameplay!
  • Simple rules of the game - Royal Mines will be a real find for those who are just starting their journey in the world of gambling. Available game rules, an intuitive interface and convenient settings will help you adapt! Moreover, the game is suitable even for professionals who are accustomed to difficulties. After all, the developers have provided the option of increasing difficulty with proportionally increasing bet multipliers!
  • Nice graphics - the original game will appeal to those who appreciate visual style. The developers have done an excellent job of introducing the most modern technologies. Therefore, pleasant graphics, smooth animation and memorable sound effects await you!
  • Variable bets - Royal Mines is pleasant to play not only because of the high-quality graphics. Here you can realize your wildest ambitions with the help of variable bets! Play to the limit and win the maximum jackpot, or play carefully. In our live casino you can independently adjust the circumstances to suit you. With such introductory information, it will be extremely easy to stay in the black!

And you can enjoy Royal Mines 1win at any time using the mobile application! Download the official online casino program for Android and iOS to join millions of other lucky players. By the way, for installing the application you will instantly receive a no deposit bonus of $100!

1win Royal Mines

How to make money in Royal Mines - detailed instructions

It’s actually very easy to make real money at Royal Mines. Forget about complex strategies and dozens of variations that you need to keep in mind. Here you can enrich yourself by performing a series of simple and understandable actions.

To make it all easier to imagine, let’s describe the essence of the game:

  • Start of the game - at the very beginning of the game you need to select the appropriate size of the playing field. We recommend starting with simple options to make it easier for you to adapt. You can then increase the difficulty and, as a result, the bet multipliers. Immediately after this, indicate the amount of money you want to bet and click on «Start»!
  • Basic actions - an interactive playing field will appear on the screen, divided into squares. You need to move step by step from the first line to the last. On each of them there will be a certain number of cells available on which you can stand. Click on the desired cell and watch the result!
  • Calculation of winnings - in Royal Mines 1win you will receive winnings immediately after making a successful action. You can then advance to the next line or collect your winnings. Please note that if you select the wrong square there will be a visual explosion and your bet will be lost. If you find the gameplay too difficult, try reducing the size of the playing field!

As you can see, the essence of the game is quite simple. In some ways, Royal Mines 1win game rules are similar to the classic minesweeper. But here everything is much simpler, because you don’t need to look for hidden mines in a huge field. And don’t forget that in this game you can use bonuses and take advantage of profitable bonuses from the 1win online casino!


Where can I find the new Royal Mines slot game on the online casino website?

Finding a new Royal Mines slot game on an online casino website is very easy. Go to the «Casino» section and pay attention to the filters on the left side of the screen. Among the first you will find the gambling category «1win games». This is where the original catalog of gambling games from casino developers is located!

How to launch a free Royal Mines demo version for a new client?

The free version of Royal Mines demo is not available, as it works due to unique game mechanics. To start playing, you need to make a deposit on the online casino website. However, the game allows you to place minimum bets as low as a few dollars, which virtually eliminates the need for a demo.

Is it possible to play Royal Mines 1win using a different currency on my balance?

Royal Mines 1win can be played in the currency you chose when registering on the online casino website. If you want to change your choice, open the «Balance» section and create a new wallet. Then deposit the required amount of money and start winning in a new game!

Is the new Royal Mines casino game available for those who are used to playing on a tablet?

The new Royal Mines casino game is available to all clients of our gambling establishment. You can run the software in a browser on a PC or any mobile device. Moreover, there is an official application for Android and iOS, as well as a desktop version for Windows!
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