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One of the most popular sports in the world is undoubtedly basketball. For example, in the United States of America this sport is the most popular among bettors. It is here that the most important world basketball tournament, the NBA - National Basketball League, takes place.

Do you also like basketball and are you interested in this sport? 1win Bookmaker offers all fans of the excitement of betting on basketball online and tips on how to win real money. Interested? Then our article will be useful for you!

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Betting on basketball 1win - the main secrets of bettors

Betting on basketball online at 1win bookmaker is very easy! Earning a stable income by investing money using popular strategies is an opportunity to significantly improve the financial side of life.

One of the main reasons why online basketball betting has become popular is the composition of the team of players. A total of 5 athletes take the field, which makes it easier to predict the outcome of a basketball match. It is much easier to assess the physical readiness and motivation of 5 basketball players than the players of a team of 10 or more people.

The main advantages of betting on basketball

The ability to offset bets in basketball on outsiders by betting on the handicap. Many results with an equal probability of winning one or another athlete gives the opportunity to win real money even for a beginner.

Bets on live sports in 1win have high limits for depositing money. The maximum sums for the top matches of the NBA league reach several hundred thousand hryvnias for the most ardent bettors. The absence of an amount limit makes it possible to replenish the balance with a significant amount of money.

In 1win BK sports betting according to statistics the coefficients are high and reach equally probable results of 1.95. At the same time, the margin for popular matches remains low, which significantly increases the possibility of winning.

It is worth noting that basketball matches are held all year round, and the off-season period is short. Every well-known team plays 2-3 matches per week. That’s why you can bet on NBA USA basketball almost every day and win money in 1win bk.

basketball bets

How to calculate the odds of winning

Betting beginners often make the same mistakes. We decided to give advice to everyone who starts betting on basketball, how to learn to correctly calculate the chances of winning in BC 1 win.

  • Chance is a mathematical value that shows the possibility of a certain event occurring in percentages.
  • To calculate, you need to do a very simple mathematical operation: divide 100% by the number of possible results.

Bets on basketball are usually calculated in decimal coefficients. The probability of winning a bet on a particular sporting event is not displayed as a percentage, but as a decimal number.

Example of calculation of coefficients

To understand how to determine the chances of winning, let’s take one of their bets as an example. The probability that bets placed on basketball online will be played is 80%. We divide 100:80 and get a coefficient of 1.25. If you bet 1000 on the game, if the team wins, your profit is 1000x1.25 = 1250.

Betting on basketball: main types

In order to correctly place online bets on sports basketball live in the 1win bookmaker office, you need to learn to distinguish between their main varieties.

Bets on the outcome of the game

Bookmakers distinguish two types of such bets: with and without overtime. This is an additional 5 minutes of playing time, during which the winner must be decided. Therefore, when making a pair, be sure to pay attention to this moment. Such bets on basketball have three outcomes of the game:

  • P1 – victory of the first team;
  • P2 – victory of the second team;
  • X is a draw.

In bets without taking into account overtime, in the event that the result of the match was a draw, the victory is played additionally.


Such bets on basketball online have a large selection of options:

  • total total;
  • individual total;
  • bet on the number of points.

The 1win bookmaker offers such bets on basketball with the widest range of points.


With the help of this bet on basketball 1win, you can significantly improve the result of the match where the absolute favorite is playing. You can significantly increase the odds if you use a handicap with a minus sign for the team that you believe will be the future winner of the match. For an outsider, you need to make a bet with a plus sign.

Bets on the completion of the tournament

The simplest live bets on basketball, in which it is determined whether the selected team will enter the playoffs, on the distribution of places between teams and on the determination of the winner.

Quarter bets

Such bets on basketball in live and prematch can be made to compare the results of matches by fouls, points and other indicators.

Betting on the NBA - features of the season structure

NBA league games differ from other tournaments in intensity and frequency, as competitions between teams take place almost every day. This is a big advantage for bettors, as they have access to maximum information about the teams. You can place bets on US NBA games at 1win 24 hours a day.

  • The NBA includes the 30 best basketball teams from around the world, divided into the Western and Eastern Conferences.
  • During the season, each basketball team of the League plays a total of 82 matches, based on the results of which the best of the best - participants in the playoffs - are chosen.
  • Each team needs to get up to 4 wins to be able to play further.

Two champions play in the finals, and the winner gets the title of NBA Cup winner.
basketball bets

NBA Basketball Betting Tips

There is no single strategy that is guaranteed to win real money. However, the following game rules from 1win experts will help you.

  1. When betting on basketball online, always use only the most current information. During the season, the team can move from the category of champions to the category of outsiders several times.
  2. Playoff games are the most important in the season, as it is during such matches that new champions are determined. Therefore, the players are gradually gaining their usual sports form and pace of play after a long break in the off-season.
  3. The teamwork of the team is of great importance. If the team has significantly updated in the period between seasons, the team will not show a high result in the first matches.

How to start betting on basketball in 1win

Do you want to win money on bets today? Then register and receive 1win bonuses for registration.

  • After registration, verify the profile and fill in all fields of the questionnaire.
  • Study the types of bets on basketball, choose your best option.
  • Login to 1win and select the bookmaker section.
  • Choose a team and type of bet.
  • Go to the coupon and enter the amount you want to deposit.
  • Confirm the bet and wait for the results.

basketball bets
Playing and winning real money in BC 1win is so easy! Simple and clear rules, interesting matches, many bonuses await all registered bettors!


How to bet on live basketball in BC 1win?

The 1win bookmaker offers all bettors to bet on live basketball. This is a real-time mode where the bet is placed after the game has started. Keep an eye on the odds: the longer the game goes on, the lower the odds for the bet that will play.

Is it possible to bet on basketball in 1 win from a phone?

Yes, all bettors can bet on basketball online from smartphones and tablets. Go to the main page of the official website and install the free application for Android or iOS. Log in to the 1win personal account and select the bookmaker section. Place bets just like you would on PC.

How to top up your account to bet on 1win basketball?

Log in to your 1win personal account and select the "Cashier" section. Choose a payment system through which you will later replenish the account and make withdrawals. After choosing, top up the account, the amount will be automatically credited to the cash register. Now go to the betting section, and in the coupon, specify the required amount, which will be debited from the main account.

How to bet on NBA basketball in 1win BC?

The betting system for NBA matches is no different from the general one. But, before betting on NBA basketball, consider that the games are played in real time. Therefore, be sure to place bets live, taking into account the time difference in the USA.

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