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People have long loved to watch fisticuffs and not only. Ever since ancient civilizations, we have become aware of the confrontations that gathered crowds of people around us. And this is not surprising, because the battles captured the viewer with their entertainment, as well as a surge of adrenaline. Over time, those who were tired of just watching fights began to place bets and already make good money on this business. And this type of betting has reached our days. Boxing betting, as an example, is a great way to support your favorite fighter and also win some good money!

Of course, 1win official website could not leave its boxing-loving users without this line of predictions. Boxing bets stand out on bk as a separate popularity. And today we will try to figure out what causes it, as well as how to make boxing bets correctly. After all, it’s not enough just to put something, you need to have basic information that will help in the first outcomes.

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In order to make sports betting boxing, you need to understand how it works in general. What are the rules, how many athletes participate, how the fight can end, as well as the weight categories and what they affect. After you get acquainted with this information, there will simply be no questions about the first bet on boxing. Since you will be able to analyze the event yourself, choose the right outcome and win real money with 1vin!

Let’s start with the fact that two fighters take part in a boxing match, which are located in two corners of the ring - blue and red. The confrontation lasts only 12 rounds, but this is not necessary, everything can end ahead of schedule under the following conditions: knockout, technical knockout, refusal to continue the fight, disqualification, and also on points. With this information, you will be able to master this type of bet, such as total outcomes, for example, rounds.

It wouldn’t be fair if 78kg fighters fought against 65kg fighters, right? That is why there are weight categories in boxing. They divide all fighters into divisions, according to their weight. That is why there are so many titles in different categories. It should be understood that each weight category has certain characteristics.
Boxing bets 1win

There are eight weights in total, but we will not list them all, we will simply divide them into three groups:

  • all heavy. Basically, fighters have low stamina, speed and strong impact;
  • average weight. All indicators of fighters from this division are averaged, it is difficult to single out something, an individual analysis is required;
  • a light weight. High stamina as well as speed, quick combos but not as strong a hit.

Knowing these characteristics, it will be easier for you to navigate when making the first bets on boxing with 1win bookmaker. Make the right conclusions and then real money will be very close!

Which outcomes do box bets on

Since boxing in general is much easier than many other sports, the line for it is not that big. You just need to understand just a few key predictions and boxing bets will open up for you in a completely new way. Let’s look at what outcomes 1 win provides for its users:

  • bets on the result (selection of the winner). These outcomes are designed to make a prediction for a purposeful victory of one or another fighter. It’s quite difficult to make a mistake here, since there is almost always a bright favorite, the bet on which will be more logical along with 1win.
  • boxing bets on total rounds. You can predict how many rounds the fight will last approximately. Of course, it can end ahead of schedule both in the second and in the eleventh round. You will have to use your analytical skills to correctly determine the distance of the fight on 1win.
  • outcomes on the way to end the battle. As we have already listed above, there are quite a few different ways to end the fight. You will need to choose one of the correct ones. These outcomes are often insidious, so 1win does not recommend betting on boxing on them.

Knowing the main options for predictions, you can easily figure out how boxing bets still work and how to win the first money with 1win bk.

Boxing Bets 1win

Let's start our way to 1win bq

After you enter the site, you will need to familiarize yourself with some points, without which it will simply not work to bet on boxing, as well as on other sports. First, you should create a personal profile, the section called 1win registration will do just fine with this. By going to it, you can create an account without any problems or difficulties. At 1vin everything is simple and clear!

Once an account has been created, there are less important but still necessary steps to follow. Everyone knows that ignorance is no excuse, right? That is why you should definitely read the information from the 1win rules of the game section. Thanks to him, your game, as well as your bets, will be safe.

Why do betting beginners choose 1win?

After we figured out how boxing bets do work, you should understand why betting beginners choose 1 win. Many factors affect this result, but we will list just a few key things for which users love bookmaker and bet on boxing with only 1win.

Boxing bets 1win

Let’s imagine 3 main factors of such a result:

  1. Convenience and availability. You can use 1win site anywhere and from absolutely any device. It can be a PC, laptop or mobile phone based on Android or IOS. The most important thing is that you don’t need to download any programs; to bet on boxing, you only need an online browser;
  2. Fast withdrawals. It is important for 1win that the user can not only win, but also quickly withdraw his prize. That is why this function works without any complaints;
  3. Great bonus offers and various promotions. 1win bonuses are arranged in such a way that everyone can find something for themselves. Most importantly, all offers are available not only to beginners, but also to those players who have been with 1win bk for a long time.

That is why users choose this particular bookmaker. Of course, these are not all the benefits of 1win, but this is enough to make you fall in love!


How to win and take real money when betting live on boxing with 1win?

how the fight goes. The main thing you should pay attention to before making your first prediction on 1win: cuts, bruises; the mood of the fighters, as well as their coaching staff; fight statistics.

Can I withdraw funds immediately after the first bet on boxing on 1vin?

Of course you can, bk 1win does not restrict users from withdrawing after the first bet on sports: boxing, football, basketball, hockey or whatever. If you managed to win real money, then you can immediately withdraw it to your card without any problems.

Can I box bet on 1vin from my Android smartphone?

Of course you can, accessibility is another name for 1win. You can bet on boxing or other sports from absolutely any device, and also without downloading any programs. You will need: PC, laptop, mobile phone with Android or IOS OS, as well as an online browser.

What promotions will be useful when I start betting on sports boxing with 1win?

In order to start betting on boxing, the best promotions are those that will give you a bonus balance . This will allow you to increase your chances of winning real money, as well as making the first winning bet along with 1winbk. We advise you to pay attention to the offer that will give you +500% to replenishment!

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