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For a decade now, such a discipline as fighting without rules has attracted thousands of fans around the world. Of course, everything is not just like that: huge adrenaline, spectacular battles, huge fees and bright personalities. All these factors have become a decisive factor in such popularity among sports fans, and especially martial arts. Each fight fascinates and makes you hold your breath, and if it also takes place with the participation of your favorite athlete, then there is nothing to talk about.

For many, betting on this sport has become a great pastime and a way to make watching this or that fight much more interesting. And if you are still wondering where to start betting on the UFC or Bellator, then 1win official website is ready to help you with this with pleasure! BK has prepared for you a wide line of bets and many different events where you can win your first real money on predictions!

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How to bet correctly on UFC: 1win

Before you start betting on the UFC, you should figure out what it is with what it is eaten, since betting is not only “luck”, but also a cold calculation in conjunction with the analytics of each sport. In this section, we will find out what events exist under the auspices of the UFC, as well as what weight categories are.

In total, Dana White, the owner of the roster, holds two types of tournaments, which have some differences between them. And in order to bet on fights without UFC rules correctly, you need to understand and understand how they differ.

  • The first type of events are numbered tournaments, for example, UFC 256. These tournaments attract the maximum amount of attention, as more eminent athletes perform at them. Accordingly, the level of battles is not only higher, but also many times more interesting. On them you can often see title fights, as well as confrontations between fighters from the top 10 positions in their weight category.
  • The second type of event is UFC Fight Night. These tournaments are held more often than number ones and are often intermediate between number ones. They are mainly performed by fighters who enjoy less public interest, and are also lower in the rating. They rarely see fights for the title and other interesting confrontations.

Knowing this information, you will be able to choose the right event for your first UFS bet online.

Weight classes and why are they so important?

All fighters in the UFC roster are divided among themselves into 10 different weight categories, which accordingly depend on how much the athlete weighs. But they differ not only in this, but also in the unique characteristics of the athletes, which we will list below.

Weight category Weight Gender
Heavy weight 93-120 Male
Light Heavyweight 84-93 Male
Average weight 77-84 Male
Welterweight 70-77 Male
Light weight 66-70 Male
Featherweight 61-66 Male/Female
Bantamweight 57-61 Male/Female
Flyweight 53-57 Male/Female
Minimum weight 48-52 Female

Now let’s see how they differ, using the example of fighters.

Fighters in heavy weight categories are characterized by the following qualities: low stamina and fairly dense punches. This entails such consequences as: frequent early victories, as well as a large percentage of knockouts.

Middleweight and welterweight fighters are the so-called “border guards”. It is quite difficult to single out some weak and strong points here, because there are a lot of different fighters in this weight category. Someone has a dense physique and short stature, which entails the disadvantages of a heavyweight fighter, while someone, on the contrary, is stocky and tall, which brings him closer to light weight fighters. These factors make these weight categories one of the most difficult to start betting on UFC fights from them.

Lightweight fighters are very hardy athletes who have biting and often combinational series of punches. Fights in this weight category last longer and fights often reach the referee’s decision.

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Let's start betting on UFS online

In order to start betting on UFC fighters, you need to decide on the event, as well as the fight for which we will make a forecast. In this section, we will select a few results using the example of the fight between Glover Teixeira and Jamal Hill from the upcoming numbered UFC 283 tournament.

This is a fight from the main card of this event and a real battle of age fighters will happen here: Glover is already 43 years old, but Jamal is only 34. Compared to Teixeira, he looks much younger. This fight will take place in the welterweight division with all the ensuing consequences. Of course, Glover is not a favorite, but do not forget that he has a lot of experience behind him, because he spent 41 fights in the UFC! But Hill had only 12 fights and comes with 1 defeat. In this fight, it would be logical to opt for such a result as an early end to the confrontation by knockout. Also, if you had to choose who to give your preference to, then Glover is unlikely to give up ground and will be able to defend his title.

UFC 283 Main Odds Glover Teixeira vs. Jamal Hill

Victory of Glover Teixeira Jamal Hill’s victory
1.96 1.79

How to start your journey in 1win bookstore

In order to start betting on the UFC, as well as to use the various functions of the site, you will have to go through a few simple steps. The first step is to create an account on the 1vin website. The section - 1win registration will help you with this, with it this step will pass quickly and without any problems. After you complete this process, you will open all the functions of the site in order to have a great evening after a working day!

Once you’ve created your account, it’s a good idea to review the do’s and don’ts, a tab called “1win rules of the game” will do just fine. After all, having familiarized yourself with it, your game will become not only calmer, but also safer!

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Why do newbies bet on the UFC with 1win?

A lot of people who are just starting their journey in betting choose 1vin bk, let’s see why? There are many reasons for this, but we will highlight the three most important points in which 1 win outperforms all of its competitors:

  1. Availability. Yes, availability is one of the main factors why 1win is chosen. You can access the site from absolutely any device using only an online browser. That is, you do not need to download any additional programs and install anything. Turn on your PC or pick up a mobile phone based on Android and IOS and go to 1 wine site without difficulty!
  2. Excellent bonus system and regular promotions. The bonus system on the site is one of the best among all bookmakers. Why exactly? It’s simple: it is designed not only for beginners in the field of betting, but also for those who have long been fond of sports betting and playing in slots online!
  3. Lightning fast withdrawals. This point is quite important when it comes to any bookmaker. 1win has made sure that all users can not only win real money easily, but also withdraw it as quickly as possible. Every day this function is improved for comfortable use!


How fast can I withdraw real money from 1win after my UFC bet?

For 1win sportsbook, withdrawals are one of the main functions that hundreds of employees work on every day. All this is done so that each user can receive their funds without any difficulties after a winning UFC bet and as quickly as possible!

Can I use the deposit bonus to bet UFC on 1vin?

Of course you can. The bonus system is designed in such a way that you can bet on any sport using interesting offers. And UFC online betting is no exception, you can win real money without any problems using various promotions from 1 win!

What promotions can I get when making a deposit on 1win bq to bet on UFC?

When making a deposit on 1win bq, we advise you to pay attention to promotions such as: +500% to the first replenishment and no deposit bonuses. These offers will help you win your first cash after your first UFC bet without much effort!

Can I bet on UFC on 1vin online from my phone?

Of course, you can bet on UFC online on 1win from absolutely any device that has a browser. Any device is suitable for playing online, it can be both a PC and a mobile phone based on Android or IOS.
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