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Thimbles game - victory depends on the attentiveness of the player

Thimbles game - victory depends on the attentiveness of the player

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Thimbles game can be found in two working modes (demo and for real money) on one of the popular Ukrainian electronic platforms. 1win website is a platform where Thimbles game can be launched without problems at any time of the day. And in case of blocking the main resource, customers online casino are offered to launch 1win slot machines on the working version of the mirror.

The popularity of the slot machine is due to the simple rules of the game process and a clear scheme for calculating cash payments. That is, players can immediately calculate the amount of winnings, since the slot machine is characterized by transparency in calculating winnings and reliability. The return rate of Thimbles is at the level of 96%, which is a fairly high criterion when choosing a machine with medium volatility. You can launch the Thimbles online game not only in the desktop version, but also on mobile devices.

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Thimbles storyline

The gameplay draws the gamer into the era of the 90s of the last century. It was during that period of time that one could see such entertainment as Thimbles on many streets of the world. The meaning of the game is that on any horizontal surface, cunning “dealers” put up 3 small barrels and a ball hiding under one of them. The developer, when creating his product, used a similar concept with minor changes in order to attract the attention of the players. Now the gamer is offered a choice of 1 or 2 balls in thimbles melbet. By choosing the second option, players automatically double their chances of winning. Another characteristic feature of the thimbles game is the ability to run it in the free version.

Graphic design and interface

Thimbles 1xBet stands out for its modern graphic design with high precision in drawing each individual element, as well as color saturation. Also thimbles game is complemented by pleasant musical accompaniment, which is also important when creating the appropriate surroundings. The unique design of modern development from the provider Evoplay Entertainment is ideally combined with fairly simple rules of the gameplay.

The thimbles game has a clear interface, which is divided into 3 blocks. Under the playing field immediately located control panel. On the right side there are 2 more zones with control keys and settings. At the bottom of the block is the history of passing all the rounds in the thimbles game, which you can track and draw conclusions to draw up a winning strategy.

Thimbles how to win the game

Before starting Thimbles, the gamer needs to set the amount of the cash bet. Her data ranges from 0.1-500 credits. At the next stage, you will need to decide on the number of balls that will be under the thimbles. Players are offered 1 or 2 balls to choose from. After all the conditions are met, thimbles melbet starts, the thimbles are mixed with each other, and the player is faced with the task of determining the barrel under which the ball is located. When a ruby ​​is located inside, funds are transferred to the gamer’s balance.

In order not to wonder thimbles how to win, the player must be extremely careful when tracking the placement of the ball. One of the correct and simplest strategies for playing thimbles is the choice of the two-ball mode, since the probability of winning in this case increases by 2 times. But at the same time, the gain for the gamer is halved.

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Advantages and disadvantages of Thimbles game

The gameplay of melbet thimbles is quite exciting, but at the same time does not require special skills and knowledge. It is important for the player to show attentiveness and perseverance, since the probability of victory will depend on this. The advantages of Thimbles, which can be found in the electronic catalog of 1win casinos, are considered to be:

  • The player’s own choice of the level of risk in the thimbles game, that is, the size of the allowable maximum win will depend on his desire and financial capabilities;
  • in a special column located next to the playing field, there is information about the statistics of past rounds, the player can study it to find his mistakes and, if necessary, correct them;
  • High chance of winning prize money with a 96% return rate.

In addition to the advantages, the Thimbles gaming machine also has several disadvantages. One of them can be considered a small amount of the maximum allowable payment. It is for this reason that the online game does not attract the attention of professional gamers. Also, experienced players will not be interested in the monotonous gameplay.


How to start playing Thimbles for free in the demo version?

Thimbles demo game starts in the same way as in paid mode. The only thing is that to activate it, you do not need to go through the registration procedure for your personal account. Also, the difference lies in the fact that instead of real money, the player’s balance contains virtual credits, which can be used to place bets in the amount from 0.1 to 500 credits. You can start the slot in the demo version by simply pressing the corresponding key located on the icon of the video slot.

What is the rate of return of money in Thimbles game?

Thimbles game boasts solid cash prize winnings due to its high RTP which is set at 96%. For this reason, most of the players choose the online game because it has a high chance of winning. The good return of the gaming machine is also explained by the fact that its developer is the Evoplay Entertainment company, which has established itself as a reliable provider.

Is it possible to run Thimbles for free?

Yes, of course you can. The Thimbles virtual game is presented in the gambling entertainment catalog of the 1win online casino, which is popular with players with various skills. Running the game in demo mode will allow you not only to save your own money, but also to study the rules of the game process in detail in order to get closer to winning real money in another version of the slot.

What are the benefits of playing Thimbles online?

Thimbles, like all other developments of Evoplay Entertainment, boasts such positive aspects as the choice of the level of risk of the game mode, the provision of information about the statistics of past rounds, as well as a high return on cash.

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