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Sports betting online for money - sports betting in bookmaker 1win

In ancient times, special counters at horse races were called sweepstakes, which displayed how much players bet on a particular horse. After that, the sports tote changed: toto began to be called a bookmaker that offered bets on horse racing.

In the modern world, a tote is a non-standard type of bet on sporting events, which have a number of differences from a single or classic bet. Perhaps the main nice feature is that the sports tote has a real Jackpot! Such a jackpot is divided among the betters, as in the days of the popularity of horse racing. Naturally, the real favorites of Lady Fortune or the owners of a very attentive eye, able to correctly predict the outcome of the match, receive the largest shares.

1win official site offers bettors a new experience, namely online betting for money. Not every bookmaker can show such casino offers. Let's get acquainted with the new type of 1win bets - sports tote.

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Online sports betting bookmaker 1win

Many experienced bettors have probably heard about Toto and know that this is not an easy bet, but very interesting. Let's make it so that it will be clear even to a new user 1vin! You should start with the fact that toto is, first of all, real money with which you can withdraw funds to your bank account.

Online sports betting allows you to bet a certain amount on several events at the same time. The better chooses these events on his own, or he can use a pre-prepared list of events from the 1win bookmaker itself. As in multiple bets, the usual number of events is no more than 15.

The jackpot is divided among the bettors according to certain shares, which are determined by the number of predicted outcomes:

  • Small win share

    A good amount goes to the better, who predicted not the largest number of events in matches. In some types of sports sweepstakes, these are 2 correct outcomes out of 8 offered.

  • High win share

    The lucky ones or part-time owners of a good instinct for outcomes who helped themselves with the presence of detailed statistics in BC 1win get a big jackpot. For such a win, you need to guess 9 correct outcomes out of 15 offered.

What's the difference: sports betting and classic 1win bets

The online betting of 1 wine really has significant differences with the ordinary or classic bet. Let's look at them in the following paragraphs:

  • No betting odds

    Online totalizator for money does not pay special attention to the odds, since the main prize fund, aka the Jackpot, is collected from the bettors' direct bets. For toto, the most important factor is the number of betters.

    For an ordinary bet, the coefficient is an integral part on the way to a successful bet. You can tell a lot by the coefficient, including how much you can win approximately.

  • Jackpot available

    Toto has a Jackpot, while other types of bets do not have such a prerogative. The jackpot is collected from all bettors on matches from the selected list. The very type of bet as a totalizator does not make it possible to know in advance the amount of the Jackpot of the game.

  • Toto offers fewer outcomes

    In an ordinary bet, you can bet on absolutely any outcome of the match, any specific detail of it, whether it be the questions “Who will score more goals in the 2nd half” or “Will 3-point athlete A score in the game”.

    Sports betting offers you only 3 options, with the exception of some types of toto: team A wins, team B wins, or teams tie. Less often you are offered to guess the exact score of the game. For beginners and betters who do not want to deal with the complex system of classic bets, Toto is an ideal option.

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What are the similarities of an express bet and an online totalizator

It's not for nothing that they are sometimes called Mega Express bet, because they are really similar in many ways. However, with all this, Tote 1win has more different options compared to express betting.

Let's look at the common features of bets and explain the differences:

  • Participate in multiple events

    Both toto and express bet 1win have the opportunity to put money on several events at once! Usually this number is limited to 15 events.

    In express bets, you are completely independent in your choice, and in the totalizator, in addition to choosing events yourself, you can also use the ready-made list from the bookmaker.

  • A few possible outcomes

    Another similarity or feature of both types is the few choices, which usually consist of 3 components: Team A wins, Team B wins, and a draw.

    However, there are other varieties of toto that differ from the one presented.

Characteristic features of rates

Online sweepstakes is a type of sports betting that has a whole bunch of different features:

  • Jackpot unknown in advance

    No one knows exactly what the Jackpot of the game will be. The level of payments is not constant, because it depends on the number of players. Betters can find out their potential winnings only after the start of the match.

  • Sweepstakes rules are changeable

    Betting office sports betting, as well as the totalizator can be changed. This is a normal practice, all the casinos in the world do this. This is necessary in order for the tote as a new type of bet to fit the offers of the casino (bonuses and promotions) online or for the withdrawal of funds to work properly for each percentage of payouts for predicted outcomes.

    You can read more in the "Rules" section on the official website of 1 win.

  • You can win real money

    If you are really good at sports, then every match and event will be quite predictable for you. And a table with detailed statistics of 1win online casino for each sports team will perfectly help you with this.

    So your favorite team will be able to bring you not only spectacular pleasure, but also quite real money.

  • Events can be from different disciplines

    If you are tired of football betting or hockey betting, then you can always make a nice combo: just combine totos for different sports into one list and enjoy all at once! Agree that this betting option is sometimes much more interesting than the classics.

  • There are different types of sweepstakes

    Toto has varieties that we suggest you consider next.

Tote 1win

Sports tote 1win: varieties and their differences

As mentioned earlier, online tote 1 wine has many varieties, of which a group of main ones can be distinguished:

  • "1v2"

    This is a common toto, which is much more common than other types. This is a bet on mixed sports disciplines, but not more than 10-15 pieces. There are also few outcome options for such a number of events: team A wins, team B wins, or a draw.

    It's simple: the more you guess, the more you get.

  • "Exact score"

    Accurate Score sports betting is a bet where you are asked to guess a specific mast score. There are no more than 10 events in this form of toto, and good payouts start with 2 correct outcomes.

  • Totalizator of one sport

    Looking for a football betting or a 1win hockey tote? You found it because such bets are usually available on major platforms for popular sports.

Responsible gaming and online Tote 1win

1 vin bookmaker asks you to take a responsible approach to your session at online casino whether slot machines, poker or sports betting. Treat the entertainment that the bookmaker offers primarily as a hobby with a random prize. Before placing money in the online sweepstakes, pay attention to:

  • Session time

    The best approach is to determine for yourself the time that you are willing to spend on an online casino and part-time bookmaker with a large platform 1win. Keep track of the time in the "Live" or "Lines" section of the 1win website.

  • Specific amount

    Use only personal funds that you can easily part with without causing you any inconvenience. Always remember that online slots are designed for random winnings, and in sports sweepstakes, your favorite team can always lose.

Most of the time, all you need is luck. Play responsibly!


How much can you win in the online betting 1win?

Each time it's a new amount. You can rightfully call Toto Jackpot progressive, because its mark depends on the number of participants in specific events. Your winnings in any case will depend on the number of correct outcomes. We advise you to familiarize yourself with the match statistics by teams. In addition, if after reading this material you still have points that you would like to clarify, then you can read the Rules of the 1win website in more detail.

Can a new user play 1win sports betting online?

Yes, it's perfect for beginners. The official website of 1win sets equal conditions for all users. To win, you need luck or the right vision of the game. A new user can additionally receive his reward in the form of deposit bonuses and many useful bonuses and temporary promotions.

Sports betting works through the mobile application 1 win?

Yes, and has a big prize for you. The 1vin website supports any modern device, whether it is a mobile phone or tablet with an Android or IOS system. You can easily enjoy the 1win service both on the phone and on the computer. Toto is also in the application. Download the application and get a nice prize - 5,000 bonus rubles! It will not be possible to withdraw funds with them, but it is quite possible to spend on online slots or other slot machines.

Does 1win online betting have special bonuses?

No. At the moment, there are no special bonuses associated with the sweepstakes. However, do not be upset, because the 1 win bookmaker has a whole Loyalty Program, which includes a huge variety of different permanent and temporary bonuses, the same can be said about online casino promotions.