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Anubis Plinko - 1win slot rules and innovations

Anubis Plinko - 1win slot rules and innovations

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Anubis Plinko is an online slot developed by provider BGaming, which has recently made it to the top games on official site 1win. The feature set is standard for the basic Plinko changing risk levels, autoplay, line selection. Unlike the first edition of the Anubis game Plinko includes yet the ability to augment the risk levels, as well as double or zero the winning odds when the ball encounters a gold or black scarab on its way down.

This slot is based on a popular TV game and has variable volatility and an RTP of 99%.

Anubis Plinko demo is different from the usual online slots. The first mention of this type of game, we are talking about the already famous Plinko, in American TV shows for money. In both releases, the mechanics and gameplay of the game remained virtually unchanged.

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Anubis Plinko slot functionality and design

Instead of reels and symbols of varying degrees of merit - the game is a pyramid from the top of which one or more balls descend and fall into the cells with winning odds at the base of the pyramid.

It is not surprising that the developers decided to take as a basis the most popular «pyramidal» theme - Ancient Egypt. So in the design of the new game Anubis Plinko appeared the patron saint of the underground kingdom - Anubis. In the background, the atmosphere corresponds to an ancient mystical tomb. The space is filled with colorful thematic elements. The main active element is a pyramid, studded with pegs - guiding the movement of balls. On several lines in random order are located scarabs - gold or black.

Gameplay features

A feature of Anubis Plinko is the lack of bonus features.

There are a couple of things to look out for in the gameplay:

  • You can check the honesty of each drop with the built-in provability feature, so you can be sure that everything is completely random when playing at 1win online casino.
  • The more autoplay bets you make, the more balls will fall out at the same time, although they will not collide or change the random path.

Anubis Plinko play will appeal to those who want to take a break from the complex process or bonus rounds, relying on chance.
Anubis Plinko slot

Winning odds of slot

The value of each cell reflects the probability of Plinko’s ball hitting the slot. You can play with a variety of betting options suitable for casual players and risk takers.

BGaming creating Anubis Plinko followed the style of the original American game, where each slot offers a win, with a 1:1 return with certain adjustments for the possibility of burning or doubling the bet. Plinko’s version of Anubis is played as a standalone game.

The odds of each winning ball hitting are displayed by hovering the mouse over the potential prize multiplier, with slots color-coded from low to high risk.

As BGaming states on their website, «Plinko is a metaphor for life, a mixture of luck and misfortune, joy and disappointment».

RTP and volatility of Anubis Plinko 1win

Anubis Plinko slot 1win

Anubis Plinko casino belongs to the category of casual games with exorbitant ROI. This game offers players a 99% RTP with variable volatility.

No matter how much fun is anticipated when playing Anubis Plinko online game, you should always set a time limit and session budget that will allow you to play responsibly.

Starting to play Anubis Plinko 1win can be easier if you follow the following rules:

  • Choose a risk level from low, medium and high. The prizes offered in Anubis Plinko Pyramid will be adjusted according to the level of volatility when you play Plinko as a game of chance.
  • Choose manual or auto betting mode - 10 to 1000 spins are available when autoplaying, with Anubis Plinko balls flying one after another.
  • Using the minimum, maximum, or + and - buttons, you can customize the drop bet.
  • Press the play button to watch the ball drop, or multiple balls if multiple levels are selected at once.

Anubis Plinko minimum and maximum bets

The ability in Anubis Plinko to make minimum and maximum bets of 1.00 and 100.00 coins, makes the game attractive to most players. The biggest win available is 1000x when playing on Anubis Plinko’s 12 high-risk lines. However, given the completely random nature of the game, such wins are few. You can keep track of your profits and losses by viewing the table on the side of the screen.


Can I play Anubis Plinko demo?

The majority of casual games with guaranteed winnings do not include the possibility to play in demo mode. Unfortunately, Anubis Plinko is no exception. But even by depositing a minimum amount of money to the game account - users of online casino 1win has full access to the entire content of the platform.

Can I play Anubis Plinko on mobile?

The developer BGaming has developed the game in accordance with the modern demands of society. That is, by adapting it for mobile devices. Downloading the 1win casino app or playing from a smartphone in the browser version of Anubis Plinko - the resolution of the game is positioned according to the requirements of the mobile device automatically.

Can I get maximum winnings in Anubis Plinko game?

Maximum winnings in Anubis Plinko 1win can be obtained by playing in «Hard» mode - the hardest mode. At the maximum bet on the minimum easy level, the winnings will be the equivalent of the amount of $100, on the maximum level - up to $15000.

What are the effective methods of winning on the slot machine Anubis Plinko?

Anubis Plinko 1win belongs to the category of games based on a random number generator. That is, the result of the fall of the ball is fully programmed without user participation. Amendment to the guaranteed winnings can make a collision with scarabs of gold color, which doubles the winning coefficient or with black - from which the bet burns down to zero.
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