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Online hockey betting - strategies and tips from 1win bookmaker

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The betting industry is as diverse as gambling. This is confirmed by the 1win official website - a platform that contains a large number of sports disciplines on which you can bet real money and get decent winnings in return. Basically, popular sports are chosen for earnings, such as football, tennis, basketball or hockey. Hockey Ukraine bets are gradually coming in line with football and basketball bets in terms of popularity. This is facilitated by many positive features of this discipline. The key factors are the entertainment and dynamism of the competitions. In addition, even professional cappers find it difficult to decide on the outcome of the meeting, which is due to the high performance of hockey matches in general.

The website of the 1win bookmaker accepts several types of bets on hockey tournaments: the victory of the guests or the hosts, as well as a draw. At the same time, overtime may be added to the main game time, which is also important to consider at the time of betting. But often the hockey discipline boasts various betting options, which attracts the attention of players with experience.

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Online hockey betting: winning strategies from BC 1win

At first glance, it may seem to bettors that the bookmaker’s hockey bets are not very popular in comparison with the same football. But after delving into all the subtleties of the game and the nuances of betting, it will become clear why hockey betting is rapidly gaining popularity. Thus, the result of each tournament is influenced by many accompanying factors that increase interest both in watching the game and directly in betting.

To have a stable income and regularly receive income from bets on hockey tournaments, it is important to stick to a strategy. With its help, players learn to analyze upcoming events in order to receive good money in the future.

Which strategy is recognized as the best and win-win

As in many other sports disciplines, there is simply no winning strategy in hockey that can be considered universal. In order for bets to bring money, like 1win slot machines, you should select the most effective tactics for a particular tournament. Bettors should keep in mind that some systems are suitable for playing over long distances, and some are preferable for short periods of time. Depending on the discipline for which it is planned to bet, there are strategies for:

  • handicap;
  • outcomes;
  • total;
  • catch-up for a draw;
  • two teams to score, etc.

Also on the network you can find individual schemes designed to form bets on specific leagues, such as the NHL or KHL. This is explained by the fact that such well-known tournaments have their own key features. Quite good results are shown by the tactics of Bob McCune.

1win hockey bets

Live Hockey Betting Strategy Options

Live hockey betting has its own characteristics, which you need to familiarize yourself with before betting in real time. The outcome of the upcoming meeting is influenced by a large number of factors. At the same time, it is important for betters to take into account how close the team is, the tactics of its behavior on the ice, the physical shape of all athletes, etc.

Live hockey betting has an indisputable advantage, which is that players can watch the game by downloading a video broadcast. At the same time, for safety net, they can make a bet during the tournament. That is why the probability of winning real money in this mode is much higher compared to the usual one, since the better can independently monitor the progress of the battle.

A fairly effective strategy is to bet on the puck into the goal without a goalkeeper. In hockey matches, situations are often observed when, a few minutes before the end of the match, the goalkeeper is removed from the gate and released onto the ice. In almost all cases, the leading team scores a few more goals into an empty net.

Hockey betting strategy to win

Recently, Shchukin’s tactics have gained the most popularity among the main sports betting strategies on hockey. It is in demand when betters make live bets on hockey. The essence of the proposed strategy lies in the selection of surebets.

  • To begin with, the player needs to identify an interesting match.
  • After that, he bets on the opposite outcomes of the meeting of hockey teams, choosing for this the sites of various betting companies, including 1win.
  • The bet is placed on the next puck of the selected team.

But the tactics also have a significant drawback - the difficulty of selecting a hockey match according to the given parameters. In addition, even after choosing a game for betters, no one guarantees that the team will definitely score the puck into the opponent’s goal.

When a player loses his money, relying on the proposed strategy, it will take a considerable amount of time and effort to win back. Therefore, initially, you should carefully approach the choice of a tournament, study the 1win rules of the game, and also focus on the advice of experienced players. They recommend not betting on live hockey at the end or middle of the third period.

Line Hockey Betting: Winning Strategies

There are several options for working tactics, which are based on the movement of coefficients in the line. Among them, the Bob McCune system can be distinguished. It consists in a detailed consideration of changes in quotes in a particular league or a particular sporting event. Simply put, bets on hockey online are made on the favorite in the case when the value of the odds for it decreases. In the case when the handicap begins to gradually rise up, the bet is made on the outsider of the meeting. The maximum effect of the chosen strategy can be achieved if you focus on the handicap. The only thing is that the changes in quotes in both cases should be as large as possible.

The task of modern betters, which is to track quotes, has become much easier after the appearance on the Internet of such special services as Sofascore, Oddsportal.

1win hockey bets

Advice from experienced bettors

In order for bets on hockey Ukraine to really bring income, and not depend only on the intuition of betters, professional players and clients of the 1-win office recommend following a few elementary tips. Hints increase the chances of winning real money. The main recommendations include:

  1. A detailed study and careful analysis of the athletes of the selected team, as well as its opponent. At the same time, it is important to take into account the number of injured hockey players, their physical fitness and emotional state.
  2. Do not miss the physical condition of the teams that meet on the ice. A key feature of NHL league tournaments is their density. Therefore, even the favorite team after frequent fights can lose the main event. At the same time, some hockey clubs play only a few games a week, while others play 4-5.

What to look for in hockey betting

Players who focus on totals can safely bet on the NHL due to the fact that in these tournaments all attention is paid to the show. The best bet in this case would be total over. When choosing competitions in the KHL, entertainment fades into the background. The most important thing here is efficiency. Therefore, betters choose total under or handicap.

It is important to take into account the fact of replacing the coach, which can have a positive impact on the game of the hockey club, or can play a cruel joke with the team. But it is worth playing and betting with real money only on well-tested strategies. Such tactics will allow not only to avoid draining the deposit, but also to make a profit.


What are the benefits of betting on hockey?

Betting on hockey Ukraine attracts a lot of customers, because. the discipline itself boasts a large number of positive aspects. The variability of bets on hockey brings players a stable income. So hockey has a high frequency of comebacks, a dynamic game, a large number of matches per season.

Do online betting on hockey have any drawbacks?

Yes, like other sports, hockey also has its pitfalls that affect the betting process. Hockey sports betting has a narrow range of values. Also, bets on hockey tournaments are characterized by high margins due to the fact that the bookmaker wants to insure themselves and reduce the odds.

How to bet on hockey online and win?

To consistently win a decent amount of money by betting on hockey with 1win, it is important to follow a few simple guidelines. First, you need to carefully study the favorite and underlog of the upcoming meeting. Secondly, it should be taken into account that in the NHL the main emphasis is on the entertainment of the event, and in the KHL - on performance. And novice bettors should place bets using a demo account.

What are the features of live hockey betting?

All live hockey bets are included in a separate category. A characteristic feature of this type of bet is that during the broadcast, betters can cancel their decision and put money on a new outcome of the event, depending from the current situation in order to cover the costs. However, bets can be placed during regular time or after overtime.
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